Will interactive storytelling return to the spotlight?

Interactive storytelling has entered a phase of negative perception, but transmedia author Michel Reilhac believes that this is just a temporary lull. New media is being perfected in the wings. All innovation follows a similar pattern as it moves through different segments of the population at different times. First are the inventors, the tiny group... Read More »

The BitTorrent Model

Is 2015 a turning point for a new online distribution model the likes of what BitTorrent proposes? Ten years of expansion 2014 will be remembered for the consolidation of the major online video subscription platforms that have become credible alternatives to cable television and traditional film distribution venues. Indeed, these platforms are now officially recognized... Read More »

Cucumber Banana Tofu: A British Transmedia Recipe

Last January, a strange litany that one could easily mistake for a grocery list appeared on British television screens as well as Twitter. Had Channel 4 launched a new cooking show? In reality, Cucumber, Banana and Tofu are the names given to the new transmedia creation signed by Russel T. Davies, the creator of Queer... Read More »

Pay-to-play vs. free-to-play: when does premium work?

Free-to-play games have dominated mobile gaming for several years now  – at this point, premium (pay to own) games have been relegated to a niche on the iOS and Android platforms. While there are success stories such as last year’s Monument Valley, massive hits along these lines are becoming increasingly rare. Case in point: 407... Read More »

Miss Chic Tonique: Key Ingredients for Creating a Successful Web Series

Does Miss Chic Tonique ring a bell to you? If you’re around young teenage girls, chances are they are hooked on this series of short capsules that are both fun and charming. It’s an overwhelming success for VRAK and the community is now well established on Facebook and Instagram. Marie-Philippe and Simone—the young hosts who... Read More »

Anarchy: An Ambitious Participatory Fiction With Mixed Results

France Télévisions’ New Writing team continues to explore transmedia fiction. After launching its linear webseries platform, Studio 4 (formerly Studio 4.0), just last fall, it orchestrated one of the most interesting participatory fiction projects since The Spiral in 2012. Using Alternate History and Real Time In October 2014, France was hit by an unprecedented economic... Read More »

Transparent, Girls, True Detective – The golden age of story

Panel at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival

During the latest edition of the Sundance Film Festival, the premier showcase for American and international independent films, on January 25, I attended the “Golden Age of Story” panel gathering the talented people behind today’s most highly acclaimed TV series: Jill Soloway, creator and director of Transparent (Amazon), brothers Mark and Jay Duplass, creators and... Read More »

State of the Union Address in the US: When the Web Makes Better TV than TV Itself

This year, Barack Obama broke with tradition regarding the preparation of his annual State of the Union address, which the New York Times qualifies as a classic old-media event. After having lifted the embargo on the address’ content by making it available to the entire planet through Medium more than one hour before the scheduled... Read More »

Data-driven development: Should creators drink the data Kool-Aid?

One of the compelling anecdotes that sustains the new trend of a ‘data-driven approach’ in online content development is the story of how Netflix’s Ted Sarandos acquired House of Cards. The Los Angeles Times provides a good summary of this transaction: “Sarandos studied Netflix data to determine how many subscribers watched political dramas such as... Read More »

The Next Billion Series: Facebook’s Efforts to Connect Developing Countries

The Next Billion is a three-part series examining the impact and opportunities created by the explosive growth of the connected world. Read the 1st and 2nd articles of the series.  In an effort to get the next billion internet users online more quickly, mobile carriers across the globe are experimenting with offering digital content and service bundles... Read More »