ICT Giants Seeking Startups for Long-Term Relationship

Top players in the information and communications technology (ICT) and entertainment industries are putting a wealth of free (or next-to-free) resources and tools at the disposal of tech startups to facilitate their growth. In French, the translation proposed by the Office québécois de la langue française for “startup” is “jeune pousse”—literally a “young shoot.” The... Read More »

GAFA: How to be a part of this network economy

The GAFAs (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) have become global superpowers. If they were a State, they would carry as much weight as Thailand, which ranks 32nd in the world, and could become the world’s leading economic superpower by 2020, according to agency FaberNovel, which published on November 5th the new version of its study GAFAnomics,... Read More »

The “everyday experts” of YouTube—and one MIT physics grad

Ask most people what YouTube is good for, and chances are you won’t hear “a place to learn” among the responses. But that would be a mistake: there are now billions of views going to videos whose aim is to make us smarter. Regular cool guys and gals teaching on YouTube Once the domain of... Read More »

How bloggers with selfie sticks became brand allies

Corey Vidal, the founder of Buffer Festival, shares some insights on Canadian brands working with YouTubers In 2007 a young woman was turned down for a sales job at her local department store’s cosmetics counter, so she pulled up a chair in front of her computer and started making instructional makeup and skin care videos.... Read More »

The Renaissance goes intergalactic in Conflicks: Revolutionary Space Battles!

Conflicks: Revolutionary Space Battles! features a futuristic version of the French Revolution that blends real-time strategy with the physics of space. In an interview, cofounder Yan Pépin explains how a traditional Québec board game inspired this project’s imaginative world. Artifice, the Longueuil studio behind the acclaimed game Sang-Froid, introduces its second project title Conflicks: Revolutionary... Read More »

Let’s enjoy Peak TV

While some might argue that the over abundance of television content impacts their discoverability by the audience others simply see it as a sign of our time. When does too much become too much? This summer’s buzzword in the TV industry – Peak TV – reflects the current shape of the medium, and it’s quite a... Read More »

We Happy Few: English Charm with a Pinch of Paranoia

We Happy Few takes place in an alternate, dystopic version of 1964 England. In an interview, Guillaume Provost, Founder of Compulsion Games, discusses the creative process behind the studio’s strong brands. Compulsion Games, the Montréal studio behind the acclaimed Contrast, presents its latest creation, We Happy Few, a first-person survival game in which you have... Read More »

TV / video: finding content still as challenging as ever

“There’s nothing to watch on TV!” That most common of all linear TV viewer complaints also applies to those who consume TV content in a non-linear fashion. Too much to choose makes choosing a losing proposition and the algorithms simply cannot meet the challenges of recommendation and discovery. Finding the content they want not something... Read More »

Splash Pop: Beat and eat an intelligent mob of characters on mobile

Splash Pop is a game where you have to eat up a mob of tiny creatures equipped with a sophisticated crowd mentality. In an interview, executive producer Félix Larivière and artistic director Claudine Leclerc talk about the challenges of presenting so many characters on a mobile device screen. Splash Pop is an action and problem-solving... Read More »

Do Not Track and In Limbo Interactive: personalized web documentaries

Analysis of two web documentaries coproduced with France, Canada and Germany whose content adapts to reflect their audiences’ personal data. Do Not Track and In Limbo Interactive were both coproduced by ARTE and the NFB, and released at the beginning of the year. These two web documentaries take the medium to new levels of sophistication... Read More »

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