Four Takeaways on YouTube Culture from the Buffer Festival Industry Day

Focused on YouYube and Youtubers, the first Buffer Festival Industry Day took place in Toronto on October 16. If one key notion was to be taken away, passion is a common denominator for online video creators. They focus first on their creations and then much later think of the business aspect of what they are... Read More »

Echoes from MIPJr: the next kids’ classics might be starting online

Will the next worldwide über-popular brand for children come from TV? Maybe not. With many new characters and worlds starting life as online videos, apps or games, digital is proving a fertile spawning ground for new popular IPs. Last October 12 at MIPJunior, the Online Originals for the New Kids on the Block panel discussed... Read More »

Lessons from Minecraft - What TV can learn from the massively popular game

This article was initially published on MIP Blog and is presented here as part of the editorial partnership between CMF Trends and MIP Blog. When it comes to kids games, Minecraft is currently my favourite IP. Considering its immense success, we might ask ourselves: “What does Minecraft do right that TV could learn from and... Read More »

Fall TV Premieres in the US: Online First

Over the course of the past 15 years, television series have earned their stripes thanks to the vision of ambitious producers and audacious networks like HBO among others. “We are living a golden era of television content,” claims David Poltrack, chief research officer for CBS. “The public is embracing television in a way it never... Read More »

Gaming Trend: The Art of (Watching) Play

Seattle, WA’s Key Arena was packed in July 2014 for the 4th annual International Defense of the Ancients 2 tournament, with a prize pool of US$10.9 million. “Stop playing videogames and go outside!” This has been a common refrain of parents for several decades now. However, if you haven’t already, prepare to start hearing this: “Stop... Read More »

Canadian Rights Market Study - Introductory Post

There is no longer any doubt that the television market is experiencing an outright revolution. The “new players‘‘—with leaders among VOD platforms the likes of YouTube and OTT services such as Netflix—have imposed themselves in the last 18 months as alternatives to conventional television and are making a lasting mark in the competitive television marketplace. This... Read More »

Commemorating WWI Online: A Few Examples from France

(Re)promoting archives on the web In France, several initiatives are underway to mark the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Great War. Among televised documentaries and various commemorative ceremonies, digital media actors have seized the topic in the hope of giving a digital and possibly innovative vision to this commemoration on a global scale.... Read More »

Amateurs Vs. Professionals - Does the distinction matter anymore?

We seem to be living in a golden age of amateur media production, a development frequently attributed to how digital media platforms like YouTube and Medium make it easier for people to create and share content online. The ongoing attention that amateur makers have recently garnered raises the question of whether or not it is... Read More »

Welcome to CMF Trends: A new look, the same highly nutritional content

October 6, 2011. That’s when we posted our first text on the Canada Media Fund’s new blog titled Trendscape. It was a very simple initiative, a sort of “pilot” developed on the easy- and quick-to-use Wordpress platform. It was first and foremost an expression of the Canada Media Fund’s management team’s strong will to keep... Read More »

The Growth of Digital Media in Latin America

Colombia, Brazil, Peru and other countries are starting to bloom. Having recently been invited to present a talk on cross-media practices in Bogotá, my research unveiled a Latin American media industry that’s changing at a fast pace. Driven by increased Internet penetration rates, greater smartphone take-up due to telco subsidies and government-led initiatives to reduce... Read More »