Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: the Road Traveled and the Road Ahead

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have been the object of some impressive developments in the past 12 months. Here’s what to watch out for as new headsets and technologies are commercialized to make VR and AR content more accessible. These are exciting times for VR and AR. Several key developments and announcements have... Read More »

The Great Video Disruption

From YouTube to live video streaming apps, the video universe has radically evolved in the past decade.

One after the other, entire sectors of our economy are being transformed by the digital revolution. After music, press and radio, it’s now the turn of cinema, television, transportation and the hotel industry to be swept by a digital wave combining connectivity and ongoing mobility. As proof, the Internet is a medium on its own—a... Read More »

SXSW 2015: Does transmedia still have a promising future?

Transmedia was once again eclipsed by virtual reality and its helmets at the 2015 edition of the South by Southwest™ Interactive Festival, as shown by three conferences with key industry players. Once again this year, the South by Southwest™ Interactive Festival focused on the latest “VR” experiences—virtual reality launched with great fanfare last year with... Read More »

A Video Creator’s Guide to Facebook vs. YouTube

Facebook now boasts more video views per month than YouTube, but is it the best way for creators to get their content noticed? Here’s a quick guide to the pros and cons of posting videos on either platform.

If you’re a regular Facebook user, you’ve probably noticed an increase in the number of native videos posted on your newsfeed. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO and founder, said that video is actually a big priority for Facebook in 2015. Experts believe Facebook is starting to really compete against YouTube. Data from comScore (see below) indicates... Read More »

Online TV: Is six minutes the new half hour?

How long should online content be? Red Bee Media’s executive creative director explains the emergence of a new trend: the six-minute sitcom.

For about five years, a myriad of conference speeches and blogs have been written about the growth of short-form content in this brave new world (as opposed to the linear TV world of “long-form” programmes). And short form appears to have settled, without asking anyone’s permission, on an optimal duration of 2 to 3 minutes.... Read More »

The next tectonic shifts in the media & entertainment industry

Frédéric Guarino, VP of business development for Médiabiz International, delves into six daring predictions that could reshape the media and entertainment industry both in Canada and abroad. This follows an article published on Medium that can be found here. The past couple of years seem like a never ceasing flow of news in the media/entertainment... Read More »

Will interactive storytelling return to the spotlight?

Interactive storytelling has entered a phase of negative perception, but transmedia author Michel Reilhac believes that this is just a temporary lull. New media is being perfected in the wings. All innovation follows a similar pattern as it moves through different segments of the population at different times. First are the inventors, the tiny group... Read More »

The BitTorrent Model

Is 2015 a turning point for a new online distribution model the likes of what BitTorrent proposes? Ten years of expansion 2014 will be remembered for the consolidation of the major online video subscription platforms that have become credible alternatives to cable television and traditional film distribution venues. Indeed, these platforms are now officially recognized... Read More »

Cucumber Banana Tofu: A British Transmedia Recipe

Last January, a strange litany that one could easily mistake for a grocery list appeared on British television screens as well as Twitter. Had Channel 4 launched a new cooking show? In reality, Cucumber, Banana and Tofu are the names given to the new transmedia creation signed by Russel T. Davies, the creator of Queer... Read More »

Pay-to-play vs. free-to-play: when does premium work?

Free-to-play games have dominated mobile gaming for several years now  – at this point, premium (pay to own) games have been relegated to a niche on the iOS and Android platforms. While there are success stories such as last year’s Monument Valley, massive hits along these lines are becoming increasingly rare. Case in point: 407... Read More »