Releasing the Keytrends 2016: Entering the Age of Experience

As the world continues to change, industry players are strategically venturing into digital technology with more experience under their belt. And with this experience comes the awareness that another experience, the User Experience, needs to lead content creation and distribution today. The User Experience is what’s driving the ever-growing connection and interdependence between content and... Read More »

Online Dialogue: The End of an Era?

Declining interaction between online users and brands, frustration as brands attempt to start online conversations, cutting out comment sections on news sites…it’s becoming clearer than ever in 2016 that the promise of online dialogue turns out to be all talk and no action. In December 2015 the Toronto Star took commenting off its website. The... Read More »

Roguelike Meets Interactive Storytelling in Subaeria

Subaeria, Studio iLLOGIKA’s second production, is a roguelike/interactive storytelling game where players survive by using trickery to turn their enemies against each other. Valentine Dessertenne, the communications director of the studio, explains the inspiration behind Subaeria in a recent interview. Subaeria is a clever mix of action and puzzle where players must escape from an... Read More »

Snapchat’s strategy for becoming the information media of young people

Snapchat is no longer the sexting application that originally built the brand’s reputation. By constantly posting new content, Snapchat has quickly developed into a powerful messaging service and, more recently, a platform designed to deliver freshly packaged information to its 100 million young users. Since it was launched in 2011, Snapchat has been continually innovating,... Read More »

Zombie Apocalypse…from the comic book to the screen!

Live from the Montreal International Game Summit, Lateef Martin of Miscellaneum Studios talks about the video game Z’Isle, inspired by a zombie apocalypse comic book series. Miscellaneum Studios presents Z’Isle, a game based on the reconstruction of a city where the player controls a group of survivors who must reconquer the Island of Montreal following... Read More »

Apps & games for cognitive fitness: A no brainer?

Are claims of  apps offering “workout for the brain” just interesting sales pitches, or are they actually indicative of pre-emptive steps we can take to stave off cognitive decline? Tis the season of New Year's Resolutions, of regrets of habits past and for the crafting of plans laden with good intentions for the year ahead.... Read More »

2015: The Year of Multiple Tipping Points

In the media and entertainment industries, 2015 was not marked by the birth of an entirely new invention, but can instead be summed up as the year of multiple tipping points, when several key breakthroughs that had been building up started along their mainstream paths. -- Frédéric Guarino could not have picked a better title... Read More »

eSports: five reasons for media to get into it fast

Esports, which refers to the online video gaming industry, now constitutes an economic sector on its own. Ignored by traditional media, this booming industry, on its way to becoming a distinct medium, deserves much more of our attention: for its young and engaged community, its flourishing economy, and the fact that it is a breeding... Read More »

Wits and Warfare: studying players to personalize their experience

Broadcasting from the Montréal International Game Summit, Keith Makse, of Red Meat Games, presents the strategy game Wits and Warfare and explains how they personalize the game mechanics for each player. Red Meat Games studio presents Wits and Warfare, a strategy empire/trivia game hybrid in which the player’s personal profile (age, country of origin, areas... Read More »

Adblockers: towards an Internet of the rich and an Internet of the poor?

Following in the footsteps of Adblock Plus Browser, adblocker software is expanding to mobile, representing a loss of income for press publishers and media, who will be forced to rely on subscriptions. Will this create a gap in the online media experience? Loss of income for publishers Since the end of summer holidays, publishers have... Read More »

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