Do Not Track and In Limbo: personalized web documentaries

Analysis of two web documentaries coproduced with France, Canada and Germany whose content adapts to reflect their audiences’ personal data. Do Not Track and In Limbo were both coproduced by ARTE and the NFB, and released at the beginning of the year. These two web documentaries take the medium to new levels of sophistication by... Read More »

Facebook’s black hole or how the platform is invading our lives

There is something strange about Facebook in that the network has taken up so much place in our daily lives that we tend to no longer notice its presence. The network has become a faithful life companion; it accompanies us from morning to night, interferes with our meals with friends and witnesses our happy and... Read More »

Videogames Are Bringing Toys Back to Life

As videogames become more and more mainstream and today represent the dominant form of play in all age groups, they are now circling back to teach a new trick to a former competitor: physical toy manufacturers. Physical toys are now the object of a renaissance in our digital world, as “connected toys” that interface with... Read More »

Kôna has you conduct an investigation in the 1970s Northern Quebec

Kôna is a video game in which the hero must investigate the disappearance of a copper mine owner and local inhabitants in the 1970s Northern Quebec. In an interview, producer Alexandre Fiset explains the challenges of reaching an international audience. Parabole operates a studio in Quebec City’s Saint-Roch district and has developed Kôna, an episodic... Read More »

Challenging Apple’s call for the appification of TV

Apple laid its cards on the table during its latest product launch event by proclaiming that “the future of TV is apps”. Frédéric Guarino, VP of Business Development at Médiabiz International, challenges such an assumption. The tech giant, he believes, could have played its hand better. Expectations were sky-high for Apple’s September 9 event, particularly... Read More »

Jotun: bringing to life hand-drawn giants, from Kickstarter to your screen

Game designer William Dubé shares his journey as an indie game developer, from quitting his job, to releasing the highly anticipated game Jotun after a successful crowdfunding campaign. Jotun is a beautifully hand-drawn action-exploration game inspired by Norse mythology and created by Montreal-studio Thunder Lotus Games. The game combines elements of the romantic mood of... Read More »

Programmatic Beyond Advertising: A Not-So-Distant Future

Could "programmatic" technology used in online advertising also be used to automate and personalize the distribution of cultural and editorial content? Programmatic is part of the rapid growth that is currently being seen in the online advertising market. In 2014, this sector was reported to have generated more advertising revenue than all other traditional forms... Read More »

Leap of Fate: developing a new tablet control scheme for fast gameplay

Can a tablet control scheme be as effective as a PC or console control scheme? Montreal indie games studio Clever-Plays showed they were up to the task by creating new controls for mobile that make superfast gameplay possible. Leap of Fate is a superfast game for PC and mobile. It’s part rogue-like (death is permanent),... Read More »

Interviews with Dailymotion and TFO: How to build an audience?

Dailymotion’s chief operating officer and Groupe Média TFO’s chief executive officer share some useful tips on promoting digital content. The issue of audience engagement was at the heart of the 2015 edition of Coming to your screens. Whereas content is now distributed outside of the traditional channels, all speakers agreed on the need to explore... Read More »

Gen Z persists as HBO resists

Are teen-focused platforms like Snapchat, Twitch and Buzzfeed really disrupting major players like HBO? Not if they can help it, says MIPBlog editor James Martin. Snapchat means business. The ephemeral photo and video messaging platform even abandoned its usual ‘who cares?’ approach to present its new “3V” video advertising offering in what Techcrunch called a... Read More »