Online recommendation - A concern for public bodies?

The gradual delinearization of content broadcast across different screens has led to a surge in popularity for online recommendations, also known as content curation. This trend can be directly linked to television channels and content broadcasters hoping to retain their respective audiences. Today, recommendation tools and systems help content broadcasters to better understand their viewers... Read More »

Storytelling by creators and brands: focusing on audiences

The C21’s FutureMedia in London demonstrated some of the exciting global experimentation that is taking place across all platforms with storytelling. Audiences are playing an ever-increasing role in the creation, production and dissemination of this content. The takeaways are very clear from this conference. Content producers need to have an authentic relationship with their viewers,... Read More »

The Need-to-Know Game Industry Trends of 2014

As 2014 draws to a close it’s natural to pause and look back on the year that was in the game industry. Between mobile, console, new business models and increasingly closer ties to trends and technology in the greater consumer technology world, it’s been a fascinating year. Here are three need-to-know trends that shaped 2014.... Read More »

2014 trends in European TV series

Want to know what made waves in the European TV series landscape this year? You’re in the right place! This trends review focuses on the new shows – the “season ones” – that outline the challenges and answer the questions about overseas production. US model in the spotlight It seems like the dream of European... Read More »

The art of casting in the era of digital storytelling

In the world of digital storytelling, the characters of scripts take on several incarnations, and are guided by several voices. Web, television, film and videogames intersect. We create characters—real or fictional—who can then live under several identities, belong to many people, and be fleshed out by the collaborative creative work of creators, producers, broadcasters and... Read More »

Eight Ways BBC Radio 1 Is Reinventing Radio…Through Video

Most disruptive ideas and innovations spring up during difficult times when industries are in trouble and tend to cling to old business models. And most of those disruptive ideas come from companies outside of the disrupted industry. For example, Napster and Apple reshaped the music industry, Netflix changed the way we consume TV and movies,... Read More »

The CRTC’s Communications Monitoring Report 2014

The bill of health of a system in search of balance

Last October 16, the CRTC unveiled the third and last part of its Communications Monitoring Report 2014. News media focused mainly on the aspects of the report that deal with consumers. Here are a few headlines: “Canadians paying more for communications services” (from $185 to $191 per month) and the main factors explaining this increase... Read More »

A Generation of Thieves?

A discussion on young consumers’ willingness to pay for media

How many times have we heard this during conferences: “Kids today refuse to pay for media. Paying for it is unthinkable: all free, all the time.” I don’t agree with this statement and I’ll explain why in this guest post. Allow me to begin by pointing out that the opinion expressed above is not an... Read More »

Vice, the Voice of a Generation

During the summer, Vice News achieved a grand slam by becoming the first media to infiltrate the ISIS militant terror group. But this coverage was not the only one to impress the journalistic world; indeed, Vice News also achieved remarkable work in covering the Ferguson and Ukraine crises as well as the Ebola epidemic in... Read More »

The Resurgence of In-Person Gaming: Plugging Back In Player 2

The gaming world has recently experienced a resurgence of local multiplayer games, i.e., titles in which two or more players play together (competitively or cooperatively) in each other’s physical presence and generally using the same console or device. A classic such title would be Super Bomberman on Super Nintendo, while Wii Sports represents one of... Read More »