YouTube: An Unprofitable Giant?

YouTube is turning ten this year. Let’s look back on the rise of this giant who revolutionized the way we watch online videos. Even though it has cornered the market, many challenges still remain.

Before YouTube, there were no archives or storage banks for online videos. There were no search engines or databases where this information could be concentrated. YouTube is the immense library that made everything possible: searching, storing, integration and sharing. To truly understand YouTube’s impact, just think back to 2005 and how internet users, bloggers and... Read More »

How To Make Money With Video On Demand

Discussions on best practices regarding video on demand (VOD) were at the forefront of MIPTV 2015 in Cannes. Here’s a look at the different VOD models and how to optimize your digital content strategy.

We just can’t seem to get enough of VOD’s myriad of models, and with good reason as they are entrenching themselves within the content ecosystem as a truly viable means of making money online. MarketsandMarkets forecasts the VOD market will grow from $25.30 billion in 2014 to $61.40 billion in 2019. This represents a compound... Read More »

What Nintendo Going Mobile Means for Gaming

Mario, Zelda and Pokémon might soon come to your smartphone. Nintendo’s shift towards Apple's iOS and Google's Android platform is the start of a new era that has the power to rewrite the entire mobile gaming business model.

On March 17th, Nintendo announced a partnership with Japanese mobile game publisher DeNA to bring titles featuring its famous characters to smartphones and tablets. This comes after years of such calls from investors and decreasing relevance for Nintendo in an industry that is moving quickly on to new business models and types of games. It... Read More »

Slow TV: Innovation Does Not Always Depend on Technology

The most “televisually” enlightened people agree that it is difficult to create a buzz for a television show. The scenaristic effort required to maintain the interest level of an over-stimulated and highly critical public is gigantic. Few people would have bet that a solution lies within the quiet and unwritten world of slow TV. Slow... Read More »

The Unboxing Generation

Thinking outside the box takes on a whole new meaning for YouTubers raking in millions of views – and millions of dollars – thanks to the unboxing phenomenon. Getting people to watch you take products out of their packaging is child’s play – sometimes literally. On the web, being famous can take many forms. In... Read More »

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: the Road Traveled and the Road Ahead

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have been the object of some impressive developments in the past 12 months. Here’s what to watch out for as new headsets and technologies are commercialized to make VR and AR content more accessible. These are exciting times for VR and AR. Several key developments and announcements have... Read More »

The Great Video Disruption

From YouTube to live video streaming apps, the video universe has radically evolved in the past decade.

One after the other, entire sectors of our economy are being transformed by the digital revolution. After music, press and radio, it’s now the turn of cinema, television, transportation and the hotel industry to be swept by a digital wave combining connectivity and ongoing mobility. As proof, the Internet is a medium on its own—a... Read More »

SXSW 2015: Does transmedia still have a promising future?

Transmedia was once again eclipsed by virtual reality and its helmets at the 2015 edition of the South by Southwest™ Interactive Festival, as shown by three conferences with key industry players. Once again this year, the South by Southwest™ Interactive Festival focused on the latest “VR” experiences—virtual reality launched with great fanfare last year with... Read More »

A Video Creator’s Guide to Facebook vs. YouTube

Facebook now boasts more video views per month than YouTube, but is it the best way for creators to get their content noticed? Here’s a quick guide to the pros and cons of posting videos on either platform.

If you’re a regular Facebook user, you’ve probably noticed an increase in the number of native videos posted on your newsfeed. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO and founder, said that video is actually a big priority for Facebook in 2015. Experts believe Facebook is starting to really compete against YouTube. Data from comScore (see below) indicates... Read More »

Online TV: Is six minutes the new half hour?

How long should online content be? Red Bee Media’s executive creative director explains the emergence of a new trend: the six-minute sitcom.

For about five years, a myriad of conference speeches and blogs have been written about the growth of short-form content in this brave new world (as opposed to the linear TV world of “long-form” programmes). And short form appears to have settled, without asking anyone’s permission, on an optimal duration of 2 to 3 minutes.... Read More »