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New Study Takes a Serious Look at Crowdfunding the Canadian Way

The phenomenon known as crowdfunding or participatory financing is generating a growing interest among creators of innovative products and content worldwide. In Canada, public funding is a limited resource, and while private sector financing for creative industries and innovation is on the rise, it’s still unable to meet the enormous demand for funding in this sector,... Read More »

The IBM 2012 CEO Study unveiled at C2-MTL

Opening day at C2-MTL featured the unveiling of the IBM 2012 CEO Study. This biennial initiative surveys corporate leaders around the world to gauge the latest business management trends. This year, more than 1,700 chief executive officers took part in interviews. Marc Chapman, Managing Partner with IBM Global Business Services, presented the results of the study... Read More »

Life of the rich and substantial

A little over a year ago, the CMF unveiled its new guidelines and introduced the concept of « rich and substantial », a new prerequisite for digital media components in the Convergent Stream that excited some... and puzzled many.  As the CMF is releasing its first annual report, we sat down with the CMF’s English... Read More »

Can you afford to lose 1 minute?

What happens on the Web in 1 minute? Adverblog has identified our online activities and divided them into 20 streams: 5 streams are dedicated to COMMUNICATION through email, Skype or using social networks; 3 are dedicated to TECHNOLOGY: plug-ins downloads or optimizing browsers; 1 is dedicated to SEARCHING the net; 1 to domain registration; and... Read More »

Launch of “Trendscape”

The creation of the Canada Media Fund in June 2009 marked the beginning of a new era in the Canadian audio-visual industry by taking into account the major changes our industry has undergone since the arrival of new digital technologies. It didn’t take long for CMF senior management – with the support of its board... Read More »

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