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Directory of Festivals and Award Ceremonies for Canadian Webseries

Given the perpetually increasing offer of quality productions, ‘discoverability’ remains one of the main challenges that webseries creators face. What can creators do to make sure their projects stand out from the competition? Among the options that are available to them, they may enter their work in national and international competitions. To help creators see... Read More »

It’s here! Our KeyTrends mid-year update report

The Canada Media Fund published last January the 2016 Trends report titled Entering the Age of Experience which dealt with an environment of content in which the industry’s actors are increasingly equipped and aware of the new avenues opened up by digital and are gaining in both experience and audacity. This experience—that one could compare... Read More »

Discoverability: Toward a Common frame of Reference

The report titled Discoverability: Toward a Common frame of Reference, is released today. Danielle Desjardins, who was in charge of this research, presents it in general terms here. The Discoverability Summit, organized jointly by the CRTC and the NFB, will be held on May 10 and 11 in Toronto. The Summit was preceded by En route... Read More »

Releasing the Keytrends 2016: Entering the Age of Experience

As the world continues to change, industry players are strategically venturing into digital technology with more experience under their belt. And with this experience comes the awareness that another experience, the User Experience, needs to lead content creation and distribution today. The User Experience is what’s driving the ever-growing connection and interdependence between content and... Read More »

Hot and new: Our KeyTrends mid-year update report

New digital marketplaces for media rights, the rising popularity of real-time video broadcasts and the effects of algorithms on content discoverability… Here are a few of the trends covered by CMF’s latest report on developments shaping today’s screen-based industries. Summer is not only made for having fun around the pool or enjoying a BBQ meal... Read More »

Canadian Rights Market Study - Introductory Post

There is no longer any doubt that the television market is experiencing an outright revolution. The “new players‘‘—with leaders among VOD platforms the likes of YouTube and OTT services such as Netflix—have imposed themselves in the last 18 months as alternatives to conventional television and are making a lasting mark in the competitive television marketplace. This... Read More »

Welcome to CMF Trends: A new look, the same highly nutritional content

October 6, 2011. That’s when we posted our first text on the Canada Media Fund’s new blog titled Trendscape. It was a very simple initiative, a sort of “pilot” developed on the easy- and quick-to-use Wordpress platform. It was first and foremost an expression of the Canada Media Fund’s management team’s strong will to keep... Read More »

Launch of the Third White Paper on the Second Screen and Television

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) is announcing today the launch of the third and last opus of the white papers series on The Second Screen and Television, co-published with Evolumedia Group. Since the publication of the first white paper on the subject, the number of TV viewers who watch television in multitasking mode has increased steadily.... Read More »

Launch of the ideaBOOST Audience Engagement Report

What is the essence of ideaBOOST As they present themselves, ideaBOOST is a business accelerator with a difference. It targets start-ups who want to launch projects that produce either digital content or technology for the entertainment industry. Applying projects can be early-stage, mid-stage or even late-stage. What sets ideaBOOST apart from the crowd of accelerators is that,... Read More »

Crowdfunding in Canada – Launch of an Online Resource

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) announced today the launch of an online information resource for crowdfunding in a Canadian context. Created by the CMF in collaboration with research firm Nordicity, this online resource, designed for content producers and creators planning a crowdfunding campaign, is also accessible to anyone who wants to learn about, or get... Read More »

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