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Key Edtech Trends to Watch

Technology can serve many purposes, including education. Here’s an overview of the upcoming trends in the Edtech field. If you’ve been paying attention to trends and developments in technology over the last couple of years, you’ve likely encountered the term “Edtech.” But if you’re coming from a consumer product background, you may not fully understand... Read More »

Adblockers: towards an Internet of the rich and an Internet of the poor?

Following in the footsteps of Adblock Plus Browser, adblocker software is expanding to mobile, representing a loss of income for press publishers and media, who will be forced to rely on subscriptions. Will this create a gap in the online media experience? Loss of income for publishers Since the end of summer holidays, publishers have... Read More »

Challenging Apple’s call for the appification of TV

Apple laid its cards on the table during its latest product launch event by proclaiming that “the future of TV is apps”. Frédéric Guarino, VP of Business Development at Médiabiz International, challenges such an assumption. The tech giant, he believes, could have played its hand better. Expectations were sky-high for Apple’s September 9 event, particularly... Read More »

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: the Road Traveled and the Road Ahead

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have been the object of some impressive developments in the past 12 months. Here’s what to watch out for as new headsets and technologies are commercialized to make VR and AR content more accessible. These are exciting times for VR and AR. Several key developments and announcements have... Read More »

Are VPNs legal in Canada?

Do you use a VPN to watch American TV? You may want to read this… The evolution of the virtual private network (VPN) truly exemplifies the innovation of digital societies to re-purpose a technology for multiple needs. The VPN originated as a means of providing greater security for conducting online transactions or accessing confidential documents,... Read More »

Oculus Rift, or the Incredible Potential of Virtual Reality

Barely two years ago, a 19-year-old Californian, Palmer Luckey, was fine-tuning the first prototype for what was to be the Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset that is the first to create an immersive experience worthy of the name. Last week, Palmer Luckey sold his company, Oculus VR, to Facebook for the tidy sum of... Read More »

Plumbers Rule in the Kingdom of Pipes

The video content revolution has numerous facets that have been explored extensively on this blog: new distribution scenarios (TV Unbundling in Canada – Stakes and Opportunities), new screens (Is 4K Technology Worthy of all the Buzz?), new formats (OTT, VOD, IPTV, DVR... The alphabet soup of new TV), and new competition (Canal+ Canada: The Trojan... Read More »

Is 4K Technology Worthy of all the Buzz?

At the beginning of January, at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), the audiovisual industry’s main players took colossal means to promote their new 4K screens. Apart Samsung stealing the show when it Qunveiled an immense 105” curved TV (intended mainly for the Chinese and Middle-Eastern markets), LG, Samsung and Panasonic all presented 4K (Ultra HD)... Read More »

What New Gen Consoles Have in Store for TV

For a little over 10 years now, the video game universe has been the battleground for a merciless war between two powerhouses, Microsoft and Sony, with Nintendo looking on from a safe distance. Last week the two gaming platform giants unveiled the latest generation of their consoles: the Xbox One (Microsoft) and the PS4 (Sony). Beyond... Read More »

Connected TV: an Ecosystem in Need of Convergence

In 1926, radio manufacturer Radio Corporation of America (RCA) created the very first American radio network – the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) – because they figured people would buy more radios if they had interesting things to listen to. Thirteen years later, in 1939, RCA president David Sarnoff introduced the first television broadcast on the... Read More »

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