The New Vimeo

On September 19, Vimeo launched a major first with an announcement that the web distribution platform would start helping its members make money with Tip Jar and Pay-to-View, two new marketing tools available to video creators and co-producers. This change could make a big difference to many Vimeo contributors, as well as to the platform... Read More »

Video on Demand - What is VOD?

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) first looked at “video on demand” (VOD) when YouTube was still eight years in the future. That was 1997 and the closest things to smartphones were PDAs (personal digital assistants) like the Palm Pilot and Newton, Apple’s tablet precursor. The first Blackberry did not appear for another few... Read More »

A New Breed of Media Tycoons (Part 2)

(Part 1 of this two-part article avaliable here)
When YouTube started rolling out its channel strategy and announced an initial $100 million investment to create original content for its platform last year, producer-partners were offered a production advance and an enhanced revenue sharing opportunity. After focusing on powerhouse Machinima, it’s time to put... Read More »

A New Breed of Media Tycoons (Part 1)

After Machinima, Maker Studios and other home-grown video web content producers, it was the turn of two other leading web brands – BalconyTv and AwesomenessTV – to lock in their first instalment of private funding a few days ago. Venture capital firms like Greycroft Partners, MK Capital, New World Ventures and Polaris Venture Partners are... Read More »

SkimLinks - Monetization Made Easy

Maybe you’ve never heard of SkimLinks, but you’ve almost certainly seen their work. The London-based company’s content monetization tool turns keywords into affiliate links. A user who clicks on one is redirected to a merchant or a product website. Unlike services such as AdWords, SkimLinks does not “advertise” the link, says CEO and founder Alicia Navarro, meaning it... Read More »

New Study Takes a Serious Look at Crowdfunding the Canadian Way

The phenomenon known as crowdfunding or participatory financing is generating a growing interest among creators of innovative products and content worldwide. In Canada, public funding is a limited resource, and while private sector financing for creative industries and innovation is on the rise, it’s still unable to meet the enormous demand for funding in this sector,... Read More »

New Players Series: Amazon Produces Comedy and Youth content

By: Catalina Briceno and Gabrielle Madé Soon after content creation initiatives by Netflix and Hulu, Amazon said in May 2012 that it too would produce and distribute original creations, in this case targeted exclusively for its Premium members. Unlike its competitors, though, it will select content by inviting scriptwriters (professional and amateur) to submit projects... Read More »

New Players Series: HuffPost Launches Web Streaming Network

By: Catalina Briceno and Gabrielle Madé The Huffington Post is known for its socially-oriented news sites. Now, though, it is set to produce and broadcast video. HuffPost Live programming, announced in February 2012, has debuted on August 13. Features by journalists, bloggers and members of the written platform will be accompanied by live discussions and... Read More »

New Players Series: Hulu Makes its First Content Sale to Television

By: Catalina Briceno and Gabrielle Madé   Hulu announced in July 2012 its first sale of original content to a television network. The American company, known primarily for its television “catch-up viewing” service, has been pouring more resources into original programs. The initiative has already borne fruit. Broadcast rights for the movie review show Spoilers... Read More »

New Players Topple Walls between Web and TV

By: Catalina Briceno and Gabrielle Madé What you should know about Google as a cable operator, Hulu’s move to original programming, the Huffington Post’s web streaming, and Amazon as a content creator Debates about television’s future often highlight two very polarized views: The “death of television” versus numbers that show that  number of hours spent... Read More »

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