Barbara Chazelle

Barbara Chazelle

Passionate about digital technology and innovation, Barbara Chazelle began her career in the music industry before joining Strategy and Planning Services at France Télévisions. She is an active blogger on Mé, a site that looks at trends in traditional media, new media and journalism. She is a graduate of the Institut d’études politiques in Paris.

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Snapchat’s strategy for becoming the information media of young people

Snapchat is no longer the sexting application that originally built the brand’s reputation. By constantly posting new content, Snapchat has quickly developed into a powerful messaging service and, more recently, a platform designed to deliver freshly packaged information to its 100 million young users. Since it was launched in 2011, Snapchat has been continually innovating,... Read More »

GAFA: How to be a part of this network economy

The GAFAs (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) have become global superpowers. If they were a State, they would carry as much weight as Thailand, which ranks 32nd in the world, and could become the world’s leading economic superpower by 2020, according to agency FaberNovel, which published on November 5th the new version of its study GAFAnomics,... Read More »

TV / video: finding content still as challenging as ever

“There’s nothing to watch on TV!” That most common of all linear TV viewer complaints also applies to those who consume TV content in a non-linear fashion. Too much to choose makes choosing a losing proposition and the algorithms simply cannot meet the challenges of recommendation and discovery. Finding the content they want not something... Read More »

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