Nuno Bernardo

Nuno Bernardo

Nuno Bernardo is the founder and CEO of TV, film and digital production company beActive. He is also an Emmy nominated writer-producer and the author of several books about convergence and multi-platform entertainment. Recently, he directed “The Players”, the first TV Series set in the eSports World. 

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Can eSports bring millennials back to TV?

With the pro-gaming sector posed to be worth $1.1 billion by 2019, eSports is an opportunity to reach a ‘lost’ audience, says beActive’s founder. ESports, or competitive professional video gaming, has surged in popularity in the past few years, inspired by images of Korean arenas packed with thousands of fans cheering on teenagers playing video... Read More »

The Entrepreneurial Approach to Transmedia Storytelling

There is nothing novel to the concept of transmedia production as both a creative template and business model. Cinema pioneers started experiencing with a cross-media approach to storytelling 100 years ago. But today’s audiences are in a position to choose the content they want when they want and on the device of their choice. In... Read More »

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