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Developing Your Audience: Going Beyond the #Hashtag

#Facebook, #Twitter, #Instagram, #Youtube, #LinkedIn, #Hashtag… Mastering the art of the hashtag is certainly a must to develop an audience and gain its loyalty…...

Google Stadia Going After the Recreational Multiverse

Up to now, the video game market has been to a large extent spared by the great wave of dematerialization that has disrupted all...

Subtitles in Video Games: The Best Practices

Font size, design as well as the amount of text displayed on the screen may have a major impact on how effectively subtitles work...

Public Broadcasters and Global Digital Competition: The Strategy of France Télévisions

During the presentation he made last January 24 at HEC Montréal, Éric Scherer, France Télévisions’s Director of Innovation and Future Media, advanced that public...
Futur et médias balado E04 – Ubisoft et la révolution RV hors foyer

Futur et médias podcast E04 – Ubisoft and the location-based VR revolution

A new use case for virtual reality is gaining momentum: location-based virtual reality experiences. Could VR bring arcade rooms back? In this episode, Ubisoft’s...

Storytelling AI: How Artificial Intelligence Feeds Creativity

Artificial intelligence and the arts are two notions that have been considered as incompatible for a long time now. However, AI’s recent breakthrough in...
Photo by Aaron Rogosin, courtesy of SXSW.

Now & Next podcast bonus episode: CMF Trends at SXSW

Whoever seeks to determine the current state of technological innovation knows that the SXSW conference in Texas is the event to attend. Over the...

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