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Multi-platform content creator, editor and journalist, Catherine Martellini has collaborated on numerous media and cultural publications. More recently, she has been a special contributor to Le Devoir and Infopresse, a media specializing in communication, marketing, digital and leadership, where she also worked as editor-in-chief.
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Felix & Paul Studios Space Explorers

Virtual Reality and Felix & Paul Studios: A Tale of Two Growth Curves

Ever since its 2013 inception, Felix & Paul Studios has been transforming immersive entertainment. The studio has more than 25 virtual reality (VR) works...

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, What’s the Fairest Representation of Them All?

Visible minorities, ethnic, sexual, cultural, and linguistic minorities…When we add up all the “minorities” in Canada, we get a significant proportion of the population...

The ‘Botdocumentary’: The Art of Telling the Story Otherwise

What will e-commerce look like ten years from now? That was the starting premise for Arte and the National Film Board (NFB) to create...

Internet: Four Global Trends to Watch Out For

The annual Internet Trends report, a “technology bible” prepared by American venture capitalist Mary Meeker and highly sought-after by investors, researchers and journalists alike,...

The Rebirth of Audio: Podcast, Smart Speakers and Online Consumption Habits in Canada

If the advent of television signalled the end of radio’s dominance back in the day, the media is now enjoying a sort of rebirth...

Netflix in Canada: From Conquering to Responding

Next year will mark Netflix’s tenth anniversary in Canada, and its presence has had the effect of a bomb on the country’s audiovisual landscape....

COVID-19: What’s Next for Distribution?

As it gets closer to easing out of lockdown, the audiovisual industry is beginning to move beyond crisis management. Now what? We know there...
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An Ordinary Morning in 2030