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Xavier Kronström Richard holds a master’s degree in scientific journalism from Denis-Diderot University (Paris) and is particularly interested in R&D, innovation and creativity processes in the media industry.
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When it comes to podcasts, nothing succeeds like success

While there’s no magic formula for writing a winning documentary or non-fiction podcast, there are rules of thumb worth following. So, we decided to...

Podcasting in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Canada has adopted economic measures to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic that are compelling the media industry to rethink its business models and processes....

Netflix-Like Models Poised to Disrupt the Podcast Industry

Once a breeding ground for experimentation, podcasting is becoming more professional and is benefiting from new distribution and monetization models. In 2019, extraordinary investments...

The New Podcast Economy

Against all odds, the podcast industry is currently experiencing explosive growth and is at the core of a new flourishing economy. It attracts new...

Five trends observed at South by Southwest 2016

Now that the 2016 edition of the interactive festival is a thing of the past, here are the main ideas and trends that will...

Write Local. Think Global.

Moving an international audience with a truly local story may seem like a tall order for many directors, including documentarians. Does sharing very little...

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