Alice, The Virtual Reality Play: When the Real and the Virtual Meet

Produced by DV Group, Alice, The Virtual Reality Play is both a technical achievement in the world of VR storytelling and the layout of a possible economic model for ambitious of immersive works. With creative director Marie Jourdren and innovation director Antoine Cardon, we retrace the story of this inspiring experimental project. A few months... Read More »

The Renaissance of Children’s Live Action Programming

Kids’ live action may not have enjoyed the explosive success of adult scripted series in recent years. But all that is changing now... By Julian Newby (MIP Trends) The pipeline of shows coming out of vertically integrated studios such as Nickelodeon and Disney attest to the growing international appeal of children’s live action programming. “One... Read More »

Skyship Entertainment’s Data-based Creation: A Formula for Success

Skyship Entertainment is based in Toronto and produces digital content for preschoolers. With more than 9 billion YouTube views and 9.9 million subscribers, the digital creator is demonstrating how to unlock great success by meeting the needs of a specific market and using data-based intel. “Follow something that’s true to you and that you’re going... Read More »

Europe Is Preparing to Become a World Leader in Digital Media

Showcasing regional content, focusing on the user experience and fostering innovation: those are the main topics that Europe’s media industry debated during the Pictured Futures conference, held on the eve of the coming into force of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Pictured Futures provided a venue to put into perspective all of the strengths... Read More »

The Long Tail in 2018: Niches Meet Streaming and Social Media

How can producers and creators successfully connect and cater to niche audiences around the world? You may have heard the business principle which states that 80% of the sales come from 20% of the clients. Economists refer to it as the Pareto Principle, or Power Law, but for most of us it’s the phenomenon that... Read More »

Update or Die: How to Keep Your Digital Works Alive

Six hands-on tips on how to keep digital content alive for a long time. We are increasingly numerous to witness the disappearance of digital content. “Will our future historians look back, marvelling at the amount of anthropological data we were simultaneously creating and destroying?” ask the authors of the Future Today Institute’s 2018 trends report.... Read More »

Telling stories with objects

Bringing together the real and the virtual can make a project more impactful, while also providing a new alternative to monetize digital projects. Photo: Wuxia the Fox, an augmented book & app Creating in the digital world often means observing intangible things, where interfaces and screens are required to connect audiences with content that was especially... Read More »

Patreon and Drip: An Analysis of Subscription-Based Crowdfunding Platforms

If you were told that there is a model that enables you to control your creation and eventually quit your day job, admit that you’d be interested in knowing more even if you didn’t really believe it! This model is subscription-based crowdfunding driven by Patreon and now by Drip, a new Kickstarter acquisition. Many creators and... Read More »

When The World Is Your Market: Globalized Media from a Canadian Perspective

The CMF white paper titled Adjust Your Thinking: The New Realities of Competing in a Global Media Market maps today’s global media landscape and implications for Canadian companies. Globalization—the flow of goods, ideas and people across international boundaries—is nothing new. It has existed for centuries, enabling the movement of everything from tea in cargo ships... Read More »

Four Defining Characteristics of Digital Canada

What makes Canada digitally unique according to comScore? Our love for desktops, tablets and entertainment apps… In its Global Digital Future in Focus 2018 report, comScore analyzed 13 digital markets, including Canada, by examining key audience and consumption indicators across desktop, smartphone and tablet devices. We learn that, compared to the US, the UK, France, Italy,... Read More »

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