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From Branded Content to Branded Channel

The “Advertising is dead. Long live branded content!” post addressed a topic that covers a number of discussion-worthy issues, especially considering that the relationship between audiovisual content and brands, which started developing almost 100 years ago, is as strong and complex as ever. The Procter & Gamble brand is a perfect example of this relationship.... Read More »

Advertising is Dead. Long Live Branded Content!

Not too long ago, we were all working in a “audiovisual landscape.” But today, we’re evolving in a “media ecosystem.” And it’s a concept that’s far from being a fad. The image conveyed by this term seems to be tailor-made to the situation our industry currently finds itself in. As Wikipedia informs us, an ecosystem... Read More »

Free-to-Play vs. Pay-to-Play: Successful Mobile Games that Break the Rules

The lucrative free-to-play (F2P) market is clearly tempting. But there’s more than F2P, as two Canadians pointed out at the recent (March 2013) Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Each had a perspective on creating games that people actually want to pay for. Both focused on the growing trend towards “premium” and “paymium” strategies. In... Read More »

5 Winning Ways to Sell Your App

With more than 2 million mobile apps already on the market, “new” has lost a lot of its lustre. So how do you stand out when you’re just one among so many? Basically you have to gain the confidence of users and make sure they understand why your app is worthwhile. Here’s how: 1. Accept that... Read More »

The Truth About User Acquisition

More games and apps than ever are entering the mobile market: One million+ just for Apple’s iOS and Google Play isn’t far behind with over 700,000. Great content is still central to a game’s success, but now being “discovered” is also a major challenge. Visibility counts, so developers who want to monetize their IP are... Read More »

The Freemium Model: Faster, Higher, Stronger

The most recent market data and studies confirm that freemium (derived from free and premium) applications are doing well for iOS and Android retailers. Already in 2011 they accounted for 50% of revenues from the 200 most downloaded iOS apps and close to 65% of revenues from popular Android apps. Now a recent study by... Read More »

Social Audience - Part 2: Using Metrics

How can social media engagement help measure popularity? There’s a long list of metrics available…but what really works?

Connections are “reach” metrics

Connections are people interested in content but not invested in it. The tracking of subscribers, followers, and fans (or “page likes”) resembles “reach” in traditional broadcast metrics.... Read More »

Social Audience -  Part 1: Identifying Metrics

On November 1, as part of its series of consultations with stakeholders in the television and digital media industries, the CMF will hold a working group hearing on social media audiences. In particular, the CMF wishes to discuss how the social media impact consumption of the products that it finances, in the opinion of producers, broadcasters... Read More »

The New Vimeo

On September 19, Vimeo launched a major first with an announcement that the web distribution platform would start helping its members make money with Tip Jar and Pay-to-View, two new marketing tools available to video creators and co-producers. This change could make a big difference to many Vimeo contributors, as well as to the platform... Read More »

Video on Demand - What is VOD?

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) first looked at “video on demand” (VOD) when YouTube was still eight years in the future. That was 1997 and the closest things to smartphones were PDAs (personal digital assistants) like the Palm Pilot and Newton, Apple’s tablet precursor. The first Blackberry did not appear for another few... Read More »

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