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African TV series in a global context

African TV series are coming into their own thanks to productions that reflect an increasing focus on professional quality, export potential, and unique regional features. We analysed the evolving production model through the lens of two series: the French-language That’s Life, and the English‑language Meet the Adebanjos. That’s Life: educational transmedia First broadcast in 2015,... Read More »

Shield Five: How Does One Design a Series for Instagram?

Can the popularity of social networks lead to a new way of imagining the concept of the webseries itself? For now, one must look toward Instagram and Shield Five, an episodic thriller specifically designed for the very small screen. Encounter with producer Anthony Wilcox and screenwriter Adam Dewar at the Série Séries Festival in Fontainebleau,... Read More »

Know Thy Audience: Marketing the Horror Film It Follows

What happens when you learn mid-campaign that you’re targeting the wrong audience? Every now and again when working on a movie that is really special, we are made aware that our initial assumptions about marketing and target audience are completely off, and data brings to light new opportunities. Last summer, we worked on the Facebook... Read More »

House of Cards: The TV series’ universe expands

For this week’s release of Season 4 of House of Cards on Netflix, the U.S. video-on-demand leader launched a big transmedia campaign. Decoding this communications initiative. Written by  Cécile Blanchard (Méta-Media) “Transmedia” A slightly barbaric word whose definition is ... well, clear, according to Henry Jenkins, an eminent U.S. professor and one of the first... Read More »

WEI OR DIE: Behind the Scenes of an Interactive Drama

WEI OR DIE is an immersive drama and a real-time thriller set during a student orientation weekend (known as a “WEI” in France), where anything can, and eventually does, go wrong—as the shocking imagery shows. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at this boundary-pushing format distributed by France Télévisions Nouvelles Écritures. What is WEI OR DIE? Sex,... Read More »

Do Not Track and In Limbo Interactive: personalized web documentaries

Analysis of two web documentaries coproduced with France, Canada and Germany whose content adapts to reflect their audiences’ personal data. Do Not Track and In Limbo Interactive were both coproduced by ARTE and the NFB, and released at the beginning of the year. These two web documentaries take the medium to new levels of sophistication... Read More »

The worldwide reach of Middle Eastern TV

Think that the US, Canada, Great Britain and Scandinavia are the only true hubs of TV production in the world with any significant cultural and economic impact? Think again. TV shows in the Middle East are also leaving their mark – for quite interesting reasons – even if they don’t get as much notice. Here’s... Read More »

Cucumber Banana Tofu: A British Transmedia Recipe

Last January, a strange litany that one could easily mistake for a grocery list appeared on British television screens as well as Twitter. Had Channel 4 launched a new cooking show? In reality, Cucumber, Banana and Tofu are the names given to the new transmedia creation signed by Russel T. Davies, the creator of Queer... Read More »

Miss Chic Tonique: Key Ingredients for Creating a Successful Web Series

Does Miss Chic Tonique ring a bell to you? If you’re around young teenage girls, chances are they are hooked on this series of short capsules that are both fun and charming. It’s an overwhelming success for VRAK and the community is now well established on Facebook and Instagram. Marie-Philippe and Simone—the young hosts who... Read More »

Anarchy: An Ambitious Participatory Fiction With Mixed Results

France Télévisions’ New Writing team continues to explore transmedia fiction. After launching its linear webseries platform, Studio 4 (formerly Studio 4.0), just last fall, it orchestrated one of the most interesting participatory fiction projects since The Spiral in 2012. Using Alternate History and Real Time In October 2014, France was hit by an unprecedented economic... Read More »

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