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Filter Bubbles, Fake News and Distribution in the Age of Personalization

From creating TV formats and brands to tackling the issue of filter bubbles, Daniel Ravner has a unique view on the opportunities and challenges brought by the increased use of big data to personalize our web experience. While Daniel Ravner sees many advantages to greater personalization for content creators, he’s also weary of the effect... Read More »

Méta-Media’s trends report: talking to the #NoBullshit generation

In its most recent trends report, the France Télévisions blog examined the younger demographic—an “on-demand” generation that has turned to new and different media for high-quality information and entertainment. How can the media stay relevant and compelling? What are the key drivers for commitment and emotional connection? Is it really so difficult to produce and... Read More »

Méta-Média: the post-mobile era and immersive experiences

France-based Méta-Média published at the beginning of June the 2016 spring/summer issue of its trendbook titled Tendances sur l’évolution des médias : au-delà du mobile. This 11th issue of the trendbook leads us into the post-mobile era, an era dominated by automated interfaces and conversational bots—behind which applications disappear—and in which users are encouraged to live... Read More »

Blinded by passion? The relevance of coding bootcamps for creative industries

A look at coding bootcamps, a popular approach to learn coding, and how creatives can benefit from this accelerated way of learning. Few creatives would tell you that they originally chose to work in the creative industries based on strategic, rational or economically motivated factors. Creative industries promote a culture that draws new recruits by... Read More »

Introducing the Designer Journalist

The 2015 fall/winter edition of France-based Méta-Média’s handbook of the evolution of media trends: journalism, media usages and much more! In December 2015, Méta-Média published the 10th edition of its Cahier de Tendances sur l’évolution des médias (handbook of the evolution of media trends). Mainly focusing on journalism, the 10th edition explores the issues that... Read More »

Programmatic Beyond Advertising: A Not-So-Distant Future

Could "programmatic" technology used in online advertising also be used to automate and personalize the distribution of cultural and editorial content? Programmatic is part of the rapid growth that is currently being seen in the online advertising market. In 2014, this sector was reported to have generated more advertising revenue than all other traditional forms... Read More »

SXSW 2015: Does transmedia still have a promising future?

Transmedia was once again eclipsed by virtual reality and its helmets at the 2015 edition of the South by Southwest™ Interactive Festival, as shown by three conferences with key industry players. Once again this year, the South by Southwest™ Interactive Festival focused on the latest “VR” experiences—virtual reality launched with great fanfare last year with... Read More »

The Next Billion Series: Facebook’s Efforts to Connect Developing Countries

The Next Billion is a three-part series examining the impact and opportunities created by the explosive growth of the connected world. Read the 1st and 2nd articles of the series.  In an effort to get the next billion internet users online more quickly, mobile carriers across the globe are experimenting with offering digital content and service bundles... Read More »

The Next Billion Series: Digital India

The Next Billion is a three-part series examining the impact and opportunities created by the explosive growth of the connected world. Read the 1st article of the series.  There are only two countries in the world with a population of more than one billion people: China and India. From a digital adoption standpoint, India’s growth... Read More »

The Next Billion Series: Connecting the Next Billion Internet Users

The Next Billion is a three-part series examining the impact and opportunities created by the explosive growth of the connected world. It took 22 years to connect two billion people to the internet. Over the next few years, that number will more than double as the global internet population swells to over four billion. This... Read More »

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