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Redefining Audience Measurement in the Multi-Screen Universe

Exactly how many screens are there in our new multi-screen environment? And which of these screens do advertisers and broadcasters need to focus on first? What changes do they need to make to their offerings to ensure success, and how do they go about measuring their impact and performance? In a recent speech before a... Read More »

2012 in Review

As the year draws to an end we can’t help but take a look back and remember the many events that rocked thedigital media world in 2012. Here are our favourite stories which present an overview of the phenomena that helped shape audiovisual content production in the last 12 months. We’ll see you back here... Read More »

Technology for the imaginative mind

Initially posted in French on 01/20/2012 Amid the constant flow of technological changes and the ever-changing ways that media space has been used over the past 15 years, it’s become difficult to know which came first—the chicken (technology) or the egg (the new uses). However, one thing is clear: we are witness to an uninterrupted... Read More »

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