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Indie Games - Alternatives to Triple-As Coming from Everywhere

The “rise of the indies” in the gaming industry is nothing new for those who follow the business closely. And for those who don’t, they may be pleasantly surprised by the continuing growth and variety of titles emanating from this industry. INNOVATION FROM THE INDIES Typically, independent developers are either hobbyists-turned-professionals who dedicate their lives... Read More »

Canal+ Canada: The Trojan horse of a French giant?

In October, French and European media giant Canal+ Group announced its upcoming arrival in Canada’s French-language market. Almost all of the content produced by the group (with the exception of sports content) will be available through a dedicated channel on DailyMotion. The offer will include an unlimited subscription for $7.99 per month, on-demand films starting... Read More »

Pirates, Privateers, Filibusters and Buccaneers of the Web

Some probing occurred a few weeks ago, when most conventional and specialty media collectively reiterated a statement made by Kelly Merryman, vice-president of content acquisition at Netflix, during the unveiling of the streaming video giant’s operations in the Netherlands. A short and clear statement, that very well summarizes Netflix’s increasingly precise positioning in an ecosystem... Read More »

TV of Tomorrow: Distribution, Devices, Content and Advertising

The telephonoscope by Albert Robida (1883). Source: Last July 25, Google launched Chromecast in the United States. Chromecast is a hardware key that plugs into the television’s HDMI port and is used to project the content of mobile devices directly on a television screen. Technology observers welcomed the device very enthusiastically because of its highly affordable price ($35),... Read More »

Cable is Far from Dead; Smart Boxes to the Rescue!

Brian Roberts is the CEO of Comcast, the United States’ largest provider of pay-as-you-view television. As he said it, the television industry will evolve more over the course of the next five years than it did over the course of the last fifty years. However, today, one thing is certain: this evolution will not mark... Read More »

The Start-Up Visa Program: Wooing International Technology Entrepreneurs

Within any six month period from 2013 to 2018, a maximum annual allotment of 2750 international entrepreneurs could have the opportunity to access Canadian venture capital or angel funds and move their families to our home and native land through Canada’s new Start-Up Visa Program. The program was launched on April 1, 2013 and touted... Read More »

Little Antennas, Big Questions – How Aereo is Disrupting US Broadcast System

Have you heard about Aereo yet? It’s a US company that manufactures tiny antennas and apps, and it’s ruffling a lot of feathers over at the major US networks even though it’s only been offering its services in New York City for a year now, and in Boston for just a matter of days. —A closer... Read More »

The Netflix Effect in Canada

Authors Peter H. Miller and Randal Rudniski introduced the “Market Impact and Indicators of Over the Top Television in Canada: 2012” report they wrote for the CRTC in March 2012 with the following observation: “Barely a day – and certainly not a week – goes by without an announcement or pronouncement on something to do with competitive online... Read More »

Netflix and the Halo Effect: Retention and Conversion, the Numbers that Count

This post is the follow-up of the analysis initiated in Netflix: more than a House of Cards, published on February 15, 2013. A couple of weeks ago, Netflix published its 1st quarter results for 2013, without disclosing stats on its subscriber viewing habits – in keeping with its usual practice. These results, which exceeded forecasts, confirmed... Read More »

Content Creation on YouTube – Original Channels Strategy Moves Forward

Organizers of the latest MIPTV event invited YouTube to present the new channels it has recently launched around the world. They took the opportunity to explain the group’s strategy when it comes to content creation. An overview of successful channels supported by YouTube “Our Original Online Content Screenings (presented by YouTube) are intended to show... Read More »

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