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Crowdfunding in Canada – Launch of an Online Resource

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) announced today the launch of an online information resource for crowdfunding in a Canadian context. Created by the CMF in collaboration with research firm Nordicity, this online resource, designed for content producers and creators planning a crowdfunding campaign, is also accessible to anyone who wants to learn about, or get... Read More »

Launch of The Second Screen and Television – Benefits and Impacts White Paper

The CMF announced the release the 2nd white paper of a three part series on the theme of the second screen. Second Screen and Television – Benefits and Impacts is a co-publication of the Evolumedia Group and the CMF, with financial support from SODEC. The first white paper of this series, Second Screen and Television... Read More »

Launch of The Second Screen and Television – Overview and Growth Perspectives White Paper

Background In recent years, we’ve witnessed a massive increase in the number of easily-accessible connected screens. From TV to smartphones, PCs and connected tablets, there is certainly no shortage of options when it comes to accessing information or entertainment content. A significant proportion of people owning multiple screens use them simultaneously for related or separate... Read More »

CMF Industry and Market Trends: Looking back and ahead

This post is a summary of the presentation delivered by the director of Industry and Market Trends at the annual CMF Town Hall in Banff.   Created in late 2010, the CMF’s department of Industry and Market Trends is meant to help CMF’s decision and policy-makers as well as industry stakeholders better understand the fast-evolving... Read More »

Netflix: The tip of the iceberg

While the CRTC has recently released the findings from a series of studies and research projects aimed at gauging the impact of over-the-top (OTT) services in Canada, other new developments in the connected TV sector have only further raised industry uncertainty by revealing how huge the competition currently is around digital distribution services for televised... Read More »

Terms of Trade agreement: the CMF releases its position

In April 2011, the Canadian Media Production Association made an announcement that received a positive reception from the industry:  the CMPA had reached an agreement with several of the major private English-language broadcasters (i.e. Astral, Shaw Media, Rogers, Bell Media and Corus) to establish a standardized framework for licence negotiations between independent producers and the aforementioned broadcasting... Read More »

Terms of Trade: CMPA provides some context

In our effort to help the industry better mesure the impacts of the Terms of trade negotiations and agreement, the CMF asked CMPA’s John Barrack and Reynolds Mastin to put some things into perspective and provide us with some context. CMF: Why is the TOT important? CMPA: As mentioned by Norm Bolem, CMPA’s President and CEO:  “It... Read More »

"It's a wrap!"

  Le festival a pris fin mercredi soir avec la remise des Interactive Rockies et le traditionnel Great Canadian Barbecue, toujours un grand moment de la semaine (quoique cette fois quelque peu assombri par la victoire des grands méchants Bruins...). Encore une fois, les projets canadiens ont fait très bonne figure au palmarès des Rockies,... Read More »

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