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A Generation of Thieves?

A discussion on young consumers’ willingness to pay for media

How many times have we heard this during conferences: “Kids today refuse to pay for media. Paying for it is unthinkable: all free, all the time.” I don’t agree with this statement and I’ll explain why in this guest post. Allow me to begin by pointing out that the opinion expressed above is not an... Read More »

The Resurgence of In-Person Gaming: Plugging Back In Player 2

The gaming world has recently experienced a resurgence of local multiplayer games, i.e., titles in which two or more players play together (competitively or cooperatively) in each other’s physical presence and generally using the same console or device. A classic such title would be Super Bomberman on Super Nintendo, while Wii Sports represents one of... Read More »

Gaming Trend: The Art of (Watching) Play

Seattle, WA’s Key Arena was packed in July 2014 for the 4th annual International Defense of the Ancients 2 tournament, with a prize pool of US$10.9 million. “Stop playing videogames and go outside!” This has been a common refrain of parents for several decades now. However, if you haven’t already, prepare to start hearing this: “Stop... Read More »

Is Primetime Still Important?

Common wisdom is that we are in an ‘on-demand’ media world with consumers asking for and insisting on complete control over their viewing experience. The TV schedule is dead. Primetime is irrelevant. Or is it? First, what is meant by ‘on-demand’ viewing?. That’s part of the difficulty in measuring or analyzing ‘on-demand’ because it can... Read More »

Who are the Canadian Videonauts?

Three quarters of Canadians subscribe to a high-speed Internet service that gives them access to online video content. That means that 75% of Canadians can choose among different viewing experiences including the 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, the 1,000 hours of video content recently posted online by Yahoo, the content made... Read More »

CRTC’s Communications Monitoring Report 2013 - New Television (Part 2 of 2)

Since its inception, television has been perpetually evolving. Today, the difference is that television is evolving at the same rhythm as technology. As DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg pointed out in his presentation, new media will never replace older ones. New media simply add layers that improve the overall consumer experience. The indicators provided by the... Read More »

CRTC’s Communications Monitoring Report 2013 - The cord hasn’t been cut yet (Part 1 of 2)

“Broadcasting distributors now deliver telephone service. Phone companies deliver television service. The Internet delivers everything and mobile devices bring it all into your hand wherever you are.” Those are the words used by Konrad von Finckenstein, former chairman of the CRTC, in a speech he gave in 2010. He could have added that the communication industries... Read More »

Are the Kids All Right? Canadian Families and Television in the Digital Age

Study summary of “Are the Kids All Right? Canadian families and television in the digital age”, conducted by the Université de Montréal Centre for Youth and Media Studies (CYMS) Despite an overabundance of available audiovisual content – and the proliferation of techno gadgets that give us access to it – television is still an important... Read More »

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