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Kôna has you conduct an investigation in the 1970s Northern Quebec

Kôna is a video game in which the hero must investigate the disappearance of a copper mine owner and local inhabitants in the 1970s Northern Quebec. In an interview, producer Alexandre Fiset explains the challenges of reaching an international audience. Parabole operates a studio in Quebec City’s Saint-Roch district and has developed Kôna, an episodic... Read More »

Jotun: bringing to life hand-drawn giants, from Kickstarter to your screen

Game designer William Dubé shares his journey as an indie game developer, from quitting his job, to releasing the highly anticipated game Jotun after a successful crowdfunding campaign. Jotun is a beautifully hand-drawn action-exploration game inspired by Norse mythology and created by Montreal-studio Thunder Lotus Games. The game combines elements of the romantic mood of... Read More »

Leap of Fate: developing a new tablet control scheme for fast gameplay

Can a tablet control scheme be as effective as a PC or console control scheme? Montreal indie games studio Clever-Plays showed they were up to the task by creating new controls for mobile that make superfast gameplay possible. Leap of Fate is a superfast game for PC and mobile. It’s part rogue-like (death is permanent),... Read More »

Moon Hunters: when success rhymes with freedom

Moon Hunters, a role-playing video game (RPG) from Montreal studio Kitfox Games, will be coming out in 2016, yet it has already received considerable attention. The game’s creative director, Tanya Short, explains her approach to making this project. In this fifth episode of Indie Games Level Up! Tanya Short from Kitfox Games explains how she views the... Read More »

Secret Ponchos: How to Create a Polished Indie Game From Home

Vancouver indie studio Switchblade Monkeys proved that it’s possible to create a highly polished indie game with a small team working from home. "A lot of times people come up to us and say that they didn’t realize our game was made by an indie team. We take that as a compliment!" - Yousuf Mapara,... Read More »

Arena Cyber Evolution: reinventing the MOBA

In this third episode of Indie Games Level Up! we talk to Montreal’s Spearhead Games about Arena: Cyber Evolution. This game is one of the world’s first MOSA, a multiplayer online sports arena, rather than a traditional MOBA, a multiplayer online battle arena. The free-to-play¹ game came to life through a transparent development process. Spearhead... Read More »

Behind-the-scenes look at Afterland by Imaginary Games

This second episode of Indie Games Level Up! visits Vancouver to talk to indie game studio Imaginary Games about their upcoming release Afterland, a free-to-play¹ card game on mobile. What really sets this game apart is its unique art style, featuring a cast of gothic and whimsical characters immersed in a dark carnival aesthetic. A... Read More »

Indie games Level Up!: Tuque Games

Indie Games Level Up! is a series of interviews designed to provide a behind-the-scenes look at innovative Canadian indie video games and game studios. Every three weeks, we’ll visit a different indie video game studio and talk about their upcoming games, their creative process, and the trials and tribulations of making it as an indie.... Read More »

Creating Content for Google Glass – State of Syn Case Study

Is it a game? A social networking app? Animated? An immersive experience? Live action? Welcome to the Google Glass ripple effect, or the new world of transmedia. State of Syn is an intricate mix of digital content created especially for Google’s tech eyewear. The motion-enabled, 3-D graphic novel combines live-action photos with richly animated backgrounds to place... Read More »

Using Drones for TV shootings – Interview with Kaspi Films

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has propelled cinematographic innovation to new heights, trending in TV, film and commercial production as an affordable way to capture dynamic footage. Lightweight camera drone technology produces beautiful aerial views using a variety of remote controlled systems to offer captivating establishing shots, action shots, and motion tracking abilities. In addition,... Read More »

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