Launch of The Second Screen and Television – Benefits and Impacts White Paper

The CMF announced the release the 2nd white paper of a three part series on the theme of the second screen. Second Screen and Television – Benefits and Impacts is a co-publication of the Evolumedia Group and the CMF, with financial support from SODEC. The first white paper of this series, Second Screen and Television – Overview and Growth Perspectives, was published in October 2012. A third white paper will be released this spring to complete the series.

The first white paper helped establish a basis for understanding the second screen phenomenon. It explained why the multiscreen context and the rapidly increasing number of people adding multitasking habits to their television consumption rituals (with a portable screen on hand and online while they watch TV) are the source of television industry stakeholder interest in the second screen.

Not only do producers and broadcasters have to keep drawing viewers to their TV sets, they also need to focus on the other screens that a growing number of audience members are using while watching television. This competition for attention creates the opportunity to develop companion device content and activities that are in line, consistent and even synchronized with current television programming. If second screen and social TV are adapted responses to a multiscreen environment and multitasking viewership, then content producers and TV broadcasters are in a unique position that could play out to their advantage for three main reasons: 

  • By STIMULATING multitaskers with synchronized and compelling content during TV viewing, they can counter the dilution of viewer attention
  • By ACTIVATING other viewer devices in a meaningful way, they can increase audience acquisition, enhance loyalty and open up new revenue opportunities.
  • By BUILDING feedback loops between companion activities on second screens and TV, they can increase opportunities for success in Canadian programming


This second white paper sets out to explore this phenomenon in greater depth by analysing the main benefits that players can derive from the TV value chain by promoting second screen initiatives. These benefits are associated with the concepts of discovery, audience loyalty and monetization.

The document also throws light on the impacts that may occur when a second screen strategy is put into action. The consequences of this option on the production cycle of a TV project are discussed, as well impacts on its content, the financing of these activities, choices of technology and the product’s exploitation cycle.

English and French versions of The Second Screen and Television – Benefits and Impacts white paper are available on the CMF website, as well as on Evolumedia Group's website.

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