Launch of “Trendscape”

The creation of the Canada Media Fund in June 2009 marked the beginning of a new era in the Canadian audio-visual industry by taking into account the major changes our industry has undergone since the arrival of new digital technologies.

It didn’t take long for CMF senior management – with the support of its board of directors – to express its desire to get event more in tune with the television and digital production industry. They then created a business intelligence team to ensure the Fund’s programs and policies met the business and operational needs of the companies receiving financial aid from the CMF. This goal was the driving force behind the creation of the Industry and Market Trends Department. It’s also why I had the privilege of joining the CMF team at the end of October 2010.

One thing I learned during my many years as a digital media producer and lecturer is that “trendspotting” work within an organization doesn’t make sense unless its results are made known to others…which is why it was essential for us to create this sharing platform.

First, it enables us to share our latest discoveries with you. It also provides our analysts and collaborators with a place to express their views on the industry’s different trends. Finally – and most important of all – it gives you, the main change makers in the content production and distribution field, a voice. We encourage you to comment on all posts, share your views and opinions as well as submit your discoveries and topics of interest.

This blog’s for you! So welcome, and happy reading!  

Catalina Briceno | Director of Industry and Market Trends

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