Case Study - «Plus belle la vie» Transmedia

Last summer the people behind the hit French TV series Plus belle la vie (PBLV) didn’t waste any time diving into transmedia storytelling by developing an ambitious alternate-reality game (ARG) intended primarily for the show’s diehard fans. Plus belle la vie is the only daily drama series on French television to have known consistent success... Read More »

Connected TV: an Ecosystem in Need of Convergence

In 1926, radio manufacturer Radio Corporation of America (RCA) created the very first American radio network – the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) – because they figured people would buy more radios if they had interesting things to listen to. Thirteen years later, in 1939, RCA president David Sarnoff introduced the first television broadcast on the... Read More »

Netflix: More than a House of Cards

The analysis initiated in this post continues on Netflix and the Halo Effect: Retention and conversion, the numbers that count, published on May 20, 2013. The widely anticipated Netflix original series “House of Cards” was finally released online February 1, 2013. The show, directed by David Fincher and starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, will... Read More »

How Content Delivery Plays with Game Technology

Current generation game consoles – Sony’s PlayStation 3, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii – have a lot more going for them than gaming. Their technology gives content creators new ways to reach untapped, as well as existing, audiences. The choices range from over-the-top services and second-screen possibilities to gesture and voice recognition. Over-the-Top (OTT)... Read More »

Big Data: The Future of Television?

In 2011, Canadian spending on online advertising reached $2.593 billiion, a 16% increase over 2010, according to IAB Canada. At the same time, ad spending on all forms of television, including public and private traditional, pay TV and specialty channels, totalled $ 3,578 billion – a much more modest increase of 4.5% (source: Statistics Canada). The gap... Read More »

2012 in Review

As the year draws to an end we can’t help but take a look back and remember the many events that rocked thedigital media world in 2012. Here are our favourite stories which present an overview of the phenomena that helped shape audiovisual content production in the last 12 months. We’ll see you back here... Read More »

The Freemium Model: Faster, Higher, Stronger

The most recent market data and studies confirm that freemium (derived from free and premium) applications are doing well for iOS and Android retailers. Already in 2011 they accounted for 50% of revenues from the 200 most downloaded iOS apps and close to 65% of revenues from popular Android apps. Now a recent study by... Read More »

Are the Kids All Right? Canadian Families and Television in the Digital Age

Study summary of “Are the Kids All Right? Canadian families and television in the digital age”, conducted by the Université de Montréal Centre for Youth and Media Studies (CYMS) Despite an overabundance of available audiovisual content – and the proliferation of techno gadgets that give us access to it – television is still an important... Read More »

Social Audience - Part 2: Using Metrics

How can social media engagement help measure popularity? There’s a long list of metrics available…but what really works?

Connections are “reach” metrics

Connections are people interested in content but not invested in it. The tracking of subscribers, followers, and fans (or “page likes”) resembles “reach” in traditional broadcast metrics.... Read More »

Social Audience -  Part 1: Identifying Metrics

On November 1, as part of its series of consultations with stakeholders in the television and digital media industries, the CMF will hold a working group hearing on social media audiences. In particular, the CMF wishes to discuss how the social media impact consumption of the products that it finances, in the opinion of producers, broadcasters... Read More »

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