2012 TRENDS: Content curation in the hands of the user

The former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt stunned everyone back in 2010 when he declared that we were creating more digital content every two days than all aggregated content created since the dawn of mankind. The overload of content is a typical characteristic of the digital space but the phenomenon of proliferation seems to be... Read More »

Life of the rich and substantial

A little over a year ago, the CMF unveiled its new guidelines and introduced the concept of « rich and substantial », a new prerequisite for digital media components in the Convergent Stream that excited some... and puzzled many.  As the CMF is releasing its first annual report, we sat down with the CMF’s English... Read More »

Netflix: The tip of the iceberg

While the CRTC has recently released the findings from a series of studies and research projects aimed at gauging the impact of over-the-top (OTT) services in Canada, other new developments in the connected TV sector have only further raised industry uncertainty by revealing how huge the competition currently is around digital distribution services for televised... Read More »

Terms of Trade agreement: the CMF releases its position

In April 2011, the Canadian Media Production Association made an announcement that received a positive reception from the industry:  the CMPA had reached an agreement with several of the major private English-language broadcasters (i.e. Astral, Shaw Media, Rogers, Bell Media and Corus) to establish a standardized framework for licence negotiations between independent producers and the aforementioned broadcasting... Read More »

Terms of Trade: CMPA provides some context

In our effort to help the industry better mesure the impacts of the Terms of trade negotiations and agreement, the CMF asked CMPA’s John Barrack and Reynolds Mastin to put some things into perspective and provide us with some context. CMF: Why is the TOT important? CMPA: As mentioned by Norm Bolem, CMPA’s President and CEO:  “It... Read More »

CRTC hearings on Vertical Integration

Trendscape is also a window on CMF's employees. Through much of their hardwork and expertise, they contribute in creating a better understanding on the challenges and issues faced by the broadcasting system. The following entry is authored by Neal McDougall, Policy Analyst at the Canada Media Fund. Neal  has researched and shaped the policies and programs of the funding agency, as well as... Read More »

Can you afford to lose 1 minute?

What happens on the Web in 1 minute? Adverblog has identified our online activities and divided them into 20 streams: 5 streams are dedicated to COMMUNICATION through email, Skype or using social networks; 3 are dedicated to TECHNOLOGY: plug-ins downloads or optimizing browsers; 1 is dedicated to SEARCHING the net; 1 to domain registration; and... Read More »

"It's a wrap!"

  Le festival a pris fin mercredi soir avec la remise des Interactive Rockies et le traditionnel Great Canadian Barbecue, toujours un grand moment de la semaine (quoique cette fois quelque peu assombri par la victoire des grands méchants Bruins...). Encore une fois, les projets canadiens ont fait très bonne figure au palmarès des Rockies,... Read More »

Netflix in Canada: friend or foe?

And that’s something no one will argue with.One thing has been clear since the beginning of this year’s festival: the arrival of Netflix in Canada is a major concern for many Canadian producers and broadcasters. It is consequently unsurprising that the session In conversation with Ted Sarandos: The Netflix Effect in Canada, was one of... Read More »

CMF Town Hall

Over a hundred people joined our team on Monday at the CMF’s first Town Hall event, an opportunity to look back at the Fund’s first year of operation and exchange with Banff Festival delegates.  You weren’t there?  No worries – you can download our presentation here. Our President and CEO Valerie Creighton kicked off the... Read More »

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