Welcome to CMF Trends: A new look, the same highly nutritional content

October 6, 2011. That’s when we posted our first text on the Canada Media Fund’s new blog titled Trendscape. It was a very simple initiative, a sort of “pilot” developed on the easy- and quick-to-use Wordpress platform.

It was first and foremost an expression of the Canada Media Fund’s management team’s strong will to keep pace with the industry undergoing tremendous change and become a reference in terms of trend knowledge and analysis for stakeholders in Canada’s television and digital media industry. Given the readership’s enthusiastic response, Trendscape was soon after incorporated into the CMF’s main site.

Trendscape in 2011 (the blog’s first iteration)

Today, we’re moving on to a new stage. Indeed, we’re launching a website fully devoted to our blog, our research and our related publications (e.g., our crowdfunding microsite). When the CMF created its Industry and Market Trends department and I was nominated to head this new mandate (in October 2010), I would have never imagined that we’d have covered as much ground over a three-year period. What you’ll find on the new CMF Trends site is consistent with the road we’ve travelled and—especially—with our readers’ increasing demand for such specialized content:

  • A growing team of expert bloggers from here and abroad whose posts are indicative of their very high sense of analysis and reflection. I commend them for their writing skills and expertise that allow us to learn on a wide array of topics;
  • More than 25 research reports: white papers, industry directories and studies, hands-on resources… In short, a body of information and data that is essential for anyone with an interest in the future of the audiovisual and digital media sector;
  • A highly popular online crowdfunding information resource for creative Canadian companies;
  • But especially, more than 100 blog posts that we invite you to read or reread on all topics of interest for our industry professionals today, namely: innovative technologies, evolving uses and audience behaviours, major changes in the competitive environment and new players.

But first, we have to give credit where it’s due: a blog without readers or exchanges would be totally dry. CMF Trends owes its vitality to its readers’ keen interest. Today, we are dedicating this new web destination to you, our readers, along with Twitter antennae (@CMF_Trends and @FMC_Veille) and a newsletter to make sure that you do not miss out on a single one of our publications.

I could not conclude this short post without mentioning the exceptional work of the CMF Trends team and more specifically of our Industry and Market Trends analyst, Gabrielle Madé, who pilots our editorial function with the intelligence that a platform like the one we have the ambition of building deserves. Thanks also to Stéphane Cardin, VP Industry and Public Affairs for his trust and faultless judgement. And, for her dedicated contribution in delivering this new version of the website, thanks to our Web producer Kashfia Rahman.

Contrary to October 6, 2011, I am not alone in wishing you a good reading experience. Today, I express this wish along with my dream team and an organization that did not hesitate to give itself the means it needed to better capture, better filter, better understand and—especially—better share information that is relevant to Canada’s television and digital media industry stakeholders.

There you go. What else is there to say? #emotion

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