Catalina Briceño

Catalina Briceño

Catalina Briceño, the Director of Industry and Market Trends at the CMF, has over 17 years of experience in the audiovisual and new media industry. Her role is to ensure that the policies for supporting the production of Canadian television and digital media content are aligned with emerging developments in Canada and internationally. Ms. Briceño provides the CMF with all the market intelligence necessary to develop effective policies and plays an instrumental role in developing and incubating strategic funding partnerships and initiatives.

Previously, Ms. Briceño was Producer and Director of Operations at Salambo Productions, where she helped build the strategy and business model behind the internationally acclaimed, multiplatform project Têtes à claques. Ms. Briceño served as Vice Chair of the Board of the Regroupement des producteurs multimédia (RPM) and received the 2008 Prix de la Relève from the Association of Women in Film, Television, and New Media.

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Editor’s picks of the week: June 12, 2017

Yet another week during which you did not have the time to do everything that you had planned to do? No worries. Here’s a brief summary of what caught our attention this week. Enjoy reading it! QUOTE OF THE WEEK “What is interesting is that while networks consistently indicate that the viewer is at the... Read More »

It’s here! Our KeyTrends mid-year update report

The Canada Media Fund published last January the 2016 Trends report titled Entering the Age of Experience which dealt with an environment of content in which the industry’s actors are increasingly equipped and aware of the new avenues opened up by digital and are gaining in both experience and audacity. This experience—that one could compare... Read More »

Releasing the Keytrends 2016: Entering the Age of Experience

As the world continues to change, industry players are strategically venturing into digital technology with more experience under their belt. And with this experience comes the awareness that another experience, the User Experience, needs to lead content creation and distribution today. The User Experience is what’s driving the ever-growing connection and interdependence between content and... Read More »

Programmatic Beyond Advertising: A Not-So-Distant Future

Could "programmatic" technology used in online advertising also be used to automate and personalize the distribution of cultural and editorial content? Programmatic is part of the rapid growth that is currently being seen in the online advertising market. In 2014, this sector was reported to have generated more advertising revenue than all other traditional forms... Read More »

Hot and new: Our KeyTrends mid-year update report

New digital marketplaces for media rights, the rising popularity of real-time video broadcasts and the effects of algorithms on content discoverability… Here are a few of the trends covered by CMF’s latest report on developments shaping today’s screen-based industries. Summer is not only made for having fun around the pool or enjoying a BBQ meal... Read More »

Canadian Rights Market Study - Introductory Post

There is no longer any doubt that the television market is experiencing an outright revolution. The “new players‘‘—with leaders among VOD platforms the likes of YouTube and OTT services such as Netflix—have imposed themselves in the last 18 months as alternatives to conventional television and are making a lasting mark in the competitive television marketplace. This... Read More »

Welcome to CMF Trends: A new look, the same highly nutritional content

October 6, 2011. That’s when we posted our first text on the Canada Media Fund’s new blog titled Trendscape. It was a very simple initiative, a sort of “pilot” developed on the easy- and quick-to-use Wordpress platform. It was first and foremost an expression of the Canada Media Fund’s management team’s strong will to keep... Read More »

Are we done with transmedia yet?

During the Forum Blanc, which unfolded in France from January 15 to 17, the CMF’s Trendscape team (represented by myself) was invited to take part in the opening panel discussion provocatively titled “Is there a future for transmedia?” Ask the same question to a thousand people and you’ll get a thousand different answers. Simply put, everyone... Read More »

New Study Takes a Serious Look at Crowdfunding the Canadian Way

The phenomenon known as crowdfunding or participatory financing is generating a growing interest among creators of innovative products and content worldwide. In Canada, public funding is a limited resource, and while private sector financing for creative industries and innovation is on the rise, it’s still unable to meet the enormous demand for funding in this sector,... Read More »

New Players Series: Amazon Produces Comedy and Youth content

By: Catalina Briceno and Gabrielle Madé Soon after content creation initiatives by Netflix and Hulu, Amazon said in May 2012 that it too would produce and distribute original creations, in this case targeted exclusively for its Premium members. Unlike its competitors, though, it will select content by inviting scriptwriters (professional and amateur) to submit projects... Read More »

New Players Series: HuffPost Launches Web Streaming Network

By: Catalina Briceno and Gabrielle Madé The Huffington Post is known for its socially-oriented news sites. Now, though, it is set to produce and broadcast video. HuffPost Live programming, announced in February 2012, has debuted on August 13. Features by journalists, bloggers and members of the written platform will be accompanied by live discussions and... Read More »

New Players Series: Hulu Makes its First Content Sale to Television

By: Catalina Briceno and Gabrielle Madé   Hulu announced in July 2012 its first sale of original content to a television network. The American company, known primarily for its television “catch-up viewing” service, has been pouring more resources into original programs. The initiative has already borne fruit. Broadcast rights for the movie review show Spoilers... Read More »

New Players Topple Walls between Web and TV

By: Catalina Briceno and Gabrielle Madé What you should know about Google as a cable operator, Hulu’s move to original programming, the Huffington Post’s web streaming, and Amazon as a content creator Debates about television’s future often highlight two very polarized views: The “death of television” versus numbers that show that  number of hours spent... Read More »

CMF Industry and Market Trends: Looking back and ahead

This post is a summary of the presentation delivered by the director of Industry and Market Trends at the annual CMF Town Hall in Banff.   Created in late 2010, the CMF’s department of Industry and Market Trends is meant to help CMF’s decision and policy-makers as well as industry stakeholders better understand the fast-evolving... Read More »

Technology for the imaginative mind

Initially posted in French on 01/20/2012 Amid the constant flow of technological changes and the ever-changing ways that media space has been used over the past 15 years, it’s become difficult to know which came first—the chicken (technology) or the egg (the new uses). However, one thing is clear: we are witness to an uninterrupted... Read More »

2012 TRENDS: Behold, the resurrection of publishing

(Read introduction: Coming up next, review of the 2012 media trends.) The extraordinary success of the iPad has generated unexpected spinoffs for the market; not since the onset of the “tablet revolution” had one of the devices truly captured the public’s interest. Still, as of the second quarter of 2011, the use of tablets seemed confined... Read More »

2012 TRENDS: Your virtual wallet

(Read introduction: Coming up next, review of the 2012 media trends.) During the last quarter of 2011, competition in the new (and highly lucrative) mobile payment market intensified in North America, with Google launching its Google Wallet service in the U.S. in September, and VISA, Master Card and PayPal following close behind with a range of mobile... Read More »

2012 TRENDS: An avalanche of data

(Read introduction: Coming up next, review of the 2012 media trends.) The avalanche of data available to companies who operate in the digital sector and the performance measurement of their projects will be a major issue in 2012.  All of the experts, whether their specialty is interactivity, mobility, social media, or online video, agree on one... Read More »

2012 TRENDS: Connected TV: evolution, not revolution

(Read introduction: Coming up next, review of the 2012 media trends.) Unquestionably, over-the-top (OTT) services grabbed the attention of the Canadian broadcast industry in 2011.  The CRTC led (and continues to monitor the trend) a series of  consultations with the industry to examine the potential impact the arrival of players such as Netflix will have on Canadian content... Read More »

2012 TRENDS: All together now

(Read introduction: Coming up next, review of the 2012 media trends.) This Beatles favorite makes for the perfect title of the final chapter in our series 2011 Review >> 2012 Trends. The best summary of the current effervescence in the digital media sector (and the best stimulus for a discussion that goes beyond mere year-end predictions) can be... Read More »

2012 TRENDS: Time for coopetition

(Read introduction: Coming up next, review of the 2012 media trends.) "The more consumers adopt new technologies, the more comfortable they become with accessing content on every available screen and expecting the experience to be seamless across devices and platforms. The companies that are best suited to meet these formidable consumer expectations are those that can... Read More »

2012 TRENDS: SoLoMo (Social+Local+Mobile)

(Read introduction: Coming up next, review of the 2012 media trends.)   Widespread availability of mobile and WiFi technologies and the confirmed enthusiasm of social users are paving the way to a new approach to delivering content “just in time” and marrying business models with brands “near you”: SoLoMo.  This emerging term (amalgam of SOcial+ LOcal... Read More »

2012 TRENDS: Gamification, the new seed of all digital strategies

Dennis Crowley once explained that he had the idea for Foursquare when walking over a chalk mushroom drawn on the pavement - as an avid gamer, he immediately thought: “Hey, I should get a reward for that!”. Almost three years and over 10 million users later, his initial inspiration has become a pervasive trend with... Read More »

2012 TRENDS: Transmedia rising - a new language to tell stories

Although not new, the concept of “transmedia storytelling” will be stepping out, becoming more than just a buzz word. The MIT renowned media scholar Henry Jenkins is considered by many as the “father” of “transmedia storytelling” as he was the first to coin the term in a 2003 publication. Since then, the word has been... Read More »

Coming up next: review of the 2012 media trends

As everyone is finalizing their Christmas list, digital media experts are hard at work on another type of lists: their 2012 predictions! What emerging trends, technologies and behaviors will impact the media industry in the next year?   As privileged observers, we will discuss those predictions in early Q1 of 2012 since some of these... Read More »

2012 TRENDS: Content curation in the hands of the user

The former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt stunned everyone back in 2010 when he declared that we were creating more digital content every two days than all aggregated content created since the dawn of mankind. The overload of content is a typical characteristic of the digital space but the phenomenon of proliferation seems to be... Read More »

Life of the rich and substantial

A little over a year ago, the CMF unveiled its new guidelines and introduced the concept of « rich and substantial », a new prerequisite for digital media components in the Convergent Stream that excited some... and puzzled many.  As the CMF is releasing its first annual report, we sat down with the CMF’s English... Read More »

Netflix: The tip of the iceberg

While the CRTC has recently released the findings from a series of studies and research projects aimed at gauging the impact of over-the-top (OTT) services in Canada, other new developments in the connected TV sector have only further raised industry uncertainty by revealing how huge the competition currently is around digital distribution services for televised... Read More »

Banff: it’s on!

The CMF team arrived in the Rockies yesterday and is already hard at work after a first day of sessions and industry discussions. nextMEDIA participants were welcomed by Mark Greenspan, Executive Producer of nextMEDIA, in an orientation session that reminded everyone of nextMedia’s unique and ever-changing purpose:  “We are trying to create a market for... Read More »

Launch of “Trendscape”

The creation of the Canada Media Fund in June 2009 marked the beginning of a new era in the Canadian audio-visual industry by taking into account the major changes our industry has undergone since the arrival of new digital technologies. It didn’t take long for CMF senior management – with the support of its board... Read More »

Mission: Banff

The CMF team is currently getting ready for one of the year’s most important trendspotting events: the Banff World Media Festival. This annual affair provides hundreds of media professionals with the opportunity to focus on our industry’s major trends and biggest challenges, as well as reflect on current issues as a group. For the first... Read More »

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