Fabien Loszach

Fabien Loszach

Fabien Loszach holds a doctorate in sociology specialized in social imagery, art and pop culture. He works for the Brad agency as its director of interactive strategy and as a consultant in the media and digital fields. Furthermore, he contributes as a commentator to the digital culture show La sphère broadcast on Ici Radio-Canada Première. Each week, he discusses a current issue from a sociological perspective.

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Pokémon GO and Stranger Things: Building on Nostalgia

The summer of 2016 will be remembered for two cultural productions that used nostalgia to build their popularity: the Pokémon GO mobile app and Netflix’s Stranger Things science-fiction series. When used properly, nostalgia can become a powerful tool in any business model. A study conducted by the Journal of Consumer Research arrives at the conclusion... Read More »

Online Dialogue: The End of an Era?

Declining interaction between online users and brands, frustration as brands attempt to start online conversations, cutting out comment sections on news sites…it’s becoming clearer than ever in 2016 that the promise of online dialogue turns out to be all talk and no action. In December 2015 the Toronto Star took commenting off its website. The... Read More »

Facebook’s black hole or how the platform is invading our lives

There is something strange about Facebook in that the network has taken up so much place in our daily lives that we tend to no longer notice its presence. The network has become a faithful life companion; it accompanies us from morning to night, interferes with our meals with friends and witnesses our happy and... Read More »

Snapchat: How To Reach 200 Million Youth?

It’s sometimes difficult to reach the members of Generation Z (youth born between 1995 and today) as many have adopted a fully digital mode of content consumption. However, a mobile app stands out from the pack when it comes to reaching teenagers and young adults: Snapchat. The world of finance and new technology was taken... Read More »

YouTube: An Unprofitable Giant?

YouTube is turning ten this year. Let’s look back on the rise of this giant who revolutionized the way we watch online videos. Even though it has cornered the market, many challenges still remain.

Before YouTube, there were no archives or storage banks for online videos. There were no search engines or databases where this information could be concentrated. YouTube is the immense library that made everything possible: searching, storing, integration and sharing. To truly understand YouTube’s impact, just think back to 2005 and how internet users, bloggers and... Read More »

The Great Video Disruption

From YouTube to live video streaming apps, the video universe has radically evolved in the past decade.

One after the other, entire sectors of our economy are being transformed by the digital revolution. After music, press and radio, it’s now the turn of cinema, television, transportation and the hotel industry to be swept by a digital wave combining connectivity and ongoing mobility. As proof, the Internet is a medium on its own—a... Read More »

Vice, the Voice of a Generation

During the summer, Vice News achieved a grand slam by becoming the first media to infiltrate the ISIS militant terror group. But this coverage was not the only one to impress the journalistic world; indeed, Vice News also achieved remarkable work in covering the Ferguson and Ukraine crises as well as the Ebola epidemic in... Read More »

Fall TV Premieres in the US: Online First

Over the course of the past 15 years, television series have earned their stripes thanks to the vision of ambitious producers and audacious networks like HBO among others. “We are living a golden era of television content,” claims David Poltrack, chief research officer for CBS. “The public is embracing television in a way it never... Read More »

NewFronts 2014 – A glimpse the best online video has to offer

In the world of American television, May marks the beginning of the Upfront season. An upfront is a meeting hosted by a major television network to unveil its programming for the next year. One after the other, TV channels present their new shows, pilots, series that have been renewed and those that have been cancelled.... Read More »

Oculus Rift, or the Incredible Potential of Virtual Reality

Barely two years ago, a 19-year-old Californian, Palmer Luckey, was fine-tuning the first prototype for what was to be the Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset that is the first to create an immersive experience worthy of the name. Last week, Palmer Luckey sold his company, Oculus VR, to Facebook for the tidy sum of... Read More »

Open data in public broadcasting

In November 2013, the British Broadcasting Corporation announced that it had signed a series of four ‘memorandums of understanding’ with organizations including the Open Data Institute and the Mozilla Foundation. Their stated objective in making this public declaration was to support ‘free and open Internet technologies’ and explore best practice models based on such technologies. The declarations... Read More »

Is 4K Technology Worthy of all the Buzz?

At the beginning of January, at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), the audiovisual industry’s main players took colossal means to promote their new 4K screens. Apart Samsung stealing the show when it Qunveiled an immense 105” curved TV (intended mainly for the Chinese and Middle-Eastern markets), LG, Samsung and Panasonic all presented 4K (Ultra HD)... Read More »

The Beyoncé System or What the Diva Teaches Us on the State of Mass Media

During the night of December 12 to 13, 2013, singer Beyoncé took the music industry by surprise by using the iTunes download platform to launch an album featuring 14 songs and 17 videos without prior warning or publicity. Soberly titled BEYONCÉ, the album was simply announced (at the same time as it was launched on iTunes) via... Read More »

Canal+ Canada: The Trojan horse of a French giant?

In October, French and European media giant Canal+ Group announced its upcoming arrival in Canada’s French-language market. Almost all of the content produced by the group (with the exception of sports content) will be available through a dedicated channel on DailyMotion. The offer will include an unlimited subscription for $7.99 per month, on-demand films starting... Read More »

Cable is Far from Dead; Smart Boxes to the Rescue!

Brian Roberts is the CEO of Comcast, the United States’ largest provider of pay-as-you-view television. As he said it, the television industry will evolve more over the course of the next five years than it did over the course of the last fifty years. However, today, one thing is certain: this evolution will not mark... Read More »

What New Gen Consoles Have in Store for TV

For a little over 10 years now, the video game universe has been the battleground for a merciless war between two powerhouses, Microsoft and Sony, with Nintendo looking on from a safe distance. Last week the two gaming platform giants unveiled the latest generation of their consoles: the Xbox One (Microsoft) and the PS4 (Sony). Beyond... Read More »

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