Frédéric Guarino

Frédéric Guarino

Frédéric Guarino has been at the crossroads of media, content and technology for almost 20 years : agent, entrepreneur/startup guy in the mobile content space in Europe and in New York, co-head of a New York-based tech lab for a French advertising group, associate producer, Frédéric has worn many hats. He is also an amateur historian of the cultural economy, most notably the positive friction between technical progress and its impact on visual storytelling.

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Minority Media, Montréal’s VR gaming pioneers

An interview with Montréal’s Minority Media, a Virtual Reality (VR) pioneer that created Time Machine VR, one of the first game designed exclusively for consumer VR devices. As you walk into Minority Media’s office in the trendy Mile-End neighbourhood of Montréal, you can’t help but feel you’ve landed in a special place, mixing cultures, both... Read More »

HTC: the Asian giant working to make VR ubiquitous

Alvin Wang Graylin, president of HTC China and of VRVCA (a $12 billion VR investment fund), explains why supporting indie developers is key to a thriving virtual reality industry. HTC, now one of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers, is 19 years old, the equivalent of a millennial. Peter Wou, who now heads the Future Development... Read More »

How Amazon Became the Top Rival to Netflix

Amazon made important strides in 2016, winning Emmy Awards and attracting major talent to its innovative online pilots and day & date theater/online releases. A look back on its recent history and a number of forecasts on its future will show just how innovative Amazon really is. From Amazon “Unbox” to Amazon Video Launched in... Read More »

2015: The Year of Multiple Tipping Points

In the media and entertainment industries, 2015 was not marked by the birth of an entirely new invention, but can instead be summed up as the year of multiple tipping points, when several key breakthroughs that had been building up started along their mainstream paths. -- Frédéric Guarino could not have picked a better title... Read More »

Challenging Apple’s call for the appification of TV

Apple laid its cards on the table during its latest product launch event by proclaiming that “the future of TV is apps”. Frédéric Guarino, VP of Business Development at Médiabiz International, challenges such an assumption. The tech giant, he believes, could have played its hand better. Expectations were sky-high for Apple’s September 9 event, particularly... Read More »

Telecom regulators are carving a new media landscape

Telecom regulators around the world play a pivotal role in shaping the new online media landscape. Here’s a look at how recent decisions in the US, Europe and Australia are affecting consumers and industry players. April 24, 2015 will probably be remembered as the day regulators the world over made a forceful comeback in the... Read More »

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: the Road Traveled and the Road Ahead

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have been the object of some impressive developments in the past 12 months. Here’s what to watch out for as new headsets and technologies are commercialized to make VR and AR content more accessible. These are exciting times for VR and AR. Several key developments and announcements have... Read More »

The next tectonic shifts in the media & entertainment industry

Frédéric Guarino, VP of business development for Médiabiz International, delves into six daring predictions that could reshape the media and entertainment industry both in Canada and abroad. This follows an article published on Medium that can be found here. The past couple of years seem like a never ceasing flow of news in the media/entertainment... Read More »

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