Frédérik Lesage

Frédérik Lesage

Frédérik Lesage (Ph.D., London School of Economics and Political Science) is an assistant professor in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University. His research interests include digital media, creative practice, and mediation theory.

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Blinded by passion? The relevance of coding bootcamps for creative industries

A look at coding bootcamps, a popular approach to learn coding, and how creatives can benefit from this accelerated way of learning. Few creatives would tell you that they originally chose to work in the creative industries based on strategic, rational or economically motivated factors. Creative industries promote a culture that draws new recruits by... Read More »

Data-driven development: Should creators drink the data Kool-Aid?

One of the compelling anecdotes that sustains the new trend of a ‘data-driven approach’ in online content development is the story of how Netflix’s Ted Sarandos acquired House of Cards. The Los Angeles Times provides a good summary of this transaction: “Sarandos studied Netflix data to determine how many subscribers watched political dramas such as... Read More »

Amateurs Vs. Professionals - Does the distinction matter anymore?

We seem to be living in a golden age of amateur media production, a development frequently attributed to how digital media platforms like YouTube and Medium make it easier for people to create and share content online. The ongoing attention that amateur makers have recently garnered raises the question of whether or not it is... Read More »

Digital Literacy – Do Media Workers Need to Learn Code?

Coding has become a pop culture phenomenon. That much is clear when big names like and Shakira, President Barack Obama, basketball star Chris Bosh, Facebook cofounder Mark Zuckerberg, and others appear in videos like these two to promote initiatives that teach coding to kids: Although it is most certainly very useful for some people... Read More »

Open data in public broadcasting

In November 2013, the British Broadcasting Corporation announced that it had signed a series of four ‘memorandums of understanding’ with organizations including the Open Data Institute and the Mozilla Foundation. Their stated objective in making this public declaration was to support ‘free and open Internet technologies’ and explore best practice models based on such technologies. The declarations... Read More »

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