Gaëlle Engelberts

Gaëlle Engelberts

Gaëlle is the editorial coordinator for CMF Trends. As a former journalist at Radio-Canada, she closely follows the latest news about the changing media landscape. This interest in new trends made her pursue a master’s degree in Communication at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) focused on new forms of journalism and documentary, namely interactive documentaries, serious games, social TV, and data visualization.

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Update or Die: How to Keep Your Digital Works Alive

Six hands-on tips on how to keep digital content alive for a long time. We are increasingly numerous to witness the disappearance of digital content. “Will our future historians look back, marvelling at the amount of anthropological data we were simultaneously creating and destroying?” ask the authors of the Future Today Institute’s 2018 trends report.... Read More »

Four Defining Characteristics of Digital Canada

What makes Canada digitally unique according to comScore? Our love for desktops, tablets and entertainment apps… In its Global Digital Future in Focus 2018 report, comScore analyzed 13 digital markets, including Canada, by examining key audience and consumption indicators across desktop, smartphone and tablet devices. We learn that, compared to the US, the UK, France, Italy,... Read More »

Filter Bubbles, Fake News and Distribution in the Age of Personalization

From creating TV formats and brands to tackling the issue of filter bubbles, Daniel Ravner has a unique view on the opportunities and challenges brought by the increased use of big data to personalize our web experience. While Daniel Ravner sees many advantages to greater personalization for content creators, he’s also weary of the effect... Read More »

Discoverability: Working with Filter Bubbles

Often perceived as a hindrance to discoverability, filter bubbles can also be helpful allies for both creators and content producers. Stitch Media’s Evan Jones explains how Facebook can be used to maximize the success of projects and marketing campaigns. In our recent article about audience-building strategies, experts agreed that, right from the start, the audience... Read More »

Audience Building: Meeting Fans on Their Own Terms

Digital media veterans Catherine Warren and Moyra Rodger share five ways to build a loyal audience. Moyra Rodger, CEO of Magnify Digital, remembers March 12, 2015 as a turning point. It is on that day that Jean-Pierre Blais, Chairman of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), not only explained several significant changes to the CRTC’s... Read More »

Women in Media and Technology: From Findings to Initiatives

There are several initiatives aimed at supporting women in media and technology (a list is provided at the end of this article). However, true gender parity is still far from being a given in Canada. Female producers and business leaders offer a few potential solutions. Updated on March 7, 2018 In 2016 and 2017, flagship organizations... Read More »

How to Bring Your Mobile Game to Asia

Gaming consultant Josh Burns analyzes the opportunities and challenges in five key Asian markets and presents a nine-step process to start selling your mobile game in this region of the globe. At the Montreal International Games Summit (MIGS) 2016, mobile and gaming industry consultant Josh Burns challenged game developers to start thinking in a truly... Read More »

Promoting your indie game: ten lessons learned by Versus Evil

Steve Escalante, general manager of indie game publisher Versus Evil, shares ten lessons he learned about PR campaigns and launch windows. With 15 years of experience in video game development and publishing, Steve Escalante knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to launching and promoting a game. He presented some of the lessons... Read More »

OTT’s impact on Canada’s video production ecosystem

Over-the-top (OTT) content providers are boosting the global video production market, including TV production and acquisition expenditures in Canada, according to data gathered by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). The last few years have often been referred to as a golden age for television, a statement that is confirmed by BCG’s report titled The Future... Read More »

Interviews with Dailymotion and TFO: How to build an audience?

Dailymotion’s chief operating officer and Groupe Média TFO’s chief executive officer share some useful tips on promoting digital content. The issue of audience engagement was at the heart of the 2015 edition of Coming to your screens. Whereas content is now distributed outside of the traditional channels, all speakers agreed on the need to explore... Read More »

Vice Everywhere

In 2017, Vice was valued at more than $5 billion, a far cry from just a decade ago, when it recorded revenues of only $28 million. How did a tiny Montreal magazine manage to become a global media powerhouse? Updated on Jan. 29, 2017 In less than 20 years, Vice has literally become a media empire – and... Read More »

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