Kevin Oke

Kevin Oke

Kevin Oke is co-founder of Victoria BC-based LlamaZOO Interactive, an award-winning educational technology start-up. Kevin has worked as an employee and consultant in digital interactive entertainment for 10 years. He has worked with Fox, Electronic Arts, Sky Sports, Nickelodeon and others on 40+ projects. Previously, he founded game development studio Edit Mode, with its debut title fully funded by Sony. In addition, he is also a mentor at Execution Labs, a game-focused incubator in Montreal, and has written for various publications including Fast Company.

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Key Edtech Trends to Watch

Technology can serve many purposes, including education. Here’s an overview of the upcoming trends in the Edtech field. If you’ve been paying attention to trends and developments in technology over the last couple of years, you’ve likely encountered the term “Edtech.” But if you’re coming from a consumer product background, you may not fully understand... Read More »

Videogames Are Bringing Toys Back to Life

As videogames become more and more mainstream and today represent the dominant form of play in all age groups, they are now circling back to teach a new trick to a former competitor: physical toy manufacturers. Physical toys are now the object of a renaissance in our digital world, as “connected toys” that interface with... Read More »

What Nintendo Going Mobile Means for Gaming

Mario, Zelda and Pokémon might soon come to your smartphone. Nintendo’s shift towards Apple's iOS and Google's Android platform is the start of a new era that has the power to rewrite the entire mobile gaming business model.

On March 17th, Nintendo announced a partnership with Japanese mobile game publisher DeNA to bring titles featuring its famous characters to smartphones and tablets. This comes after years of such calls from investors and decreasing relevance for Nintendo in an industry that is moving quickly on to new business models and types of games. It... Read More »

Pay-to-play vs. free-to-play: when does premium work?

Free-to-play games have dominated mobile gaming for several years now  – at this point, premium (pay to own) games have been relegated to a niche on the iOS and Android platforms. While there are success stories such as last year’s Monument Valley, massive hits along these lines are becoming increasingly rare. Case in point: 407... Read More »

The Need-to-Know Game Industry Trends of 2014

As 2014 draws to a close it’s natural to pause and look back on the year that was in the game industry. Between mobile, console, new business models and increasingly closer ties to trends and technology in the greater consumer technology world, it’s been a fascinating year. Here are three need-to-know trends that shaped 2014.... Read More »

The Resurgence of In-Person Gaming: Plugging Back In Player 2

The gaming world has recently experienced a resurgence of local multiplayer games, i.e., titles in which two or more players play together (competitively or cooperatively) in each other’s physical presence and generally using the same console or device. A classic such title would be Super Bomberman on Super Nintendo, while Wii Sports represents one of... Read More »

Gaming Trend: The Art of (Watching) Play

Seattle, WA’s Key Arena was packed in July 2014 for the 4th annual International Defense of the Ancients 2 tournament, with a prize pool of US$10.9 million. “Stop playing videogames and go outside!” This has been a common refrain of parents for several decades now. However, if you haven’t already, prepare to start hearing this: “Stop... Read More »

Mobile Games: The Advantages of the Episodic Model

When it comes to business models in the gaming world, the three most talked about (and dominant) are free-to-play, premium and subscription. However, the use of a fourth—although less talked about—model is on the rise: the episodic model. According to the episodic model, a game is broken down into individual episodes which are each sold... Read More »

“Fast Follow” in Mobile Gaming Is Obsolete

“Fast follow” in mobile gaming has lead to an explosion of titles on both Android and iOS platforms in the last few years. The strategy is relatively self-explanatory: hit games are cloned ASAP in an attempt to steal away players (and profits). Given the tremendous speed at which mobile platforms are evolving (in nearly all... Read More »

Collectible Card Games Are Driving the Next Generation of Mobile Games

Collectible card games (CCGs) are helping to drive the next generation of mobile games. By breaking down the genre and attempting to determine why it is both important and successful, we can gain an understanding of where the mobile gaming sector is heading. In doing so, we can also garner some takeaways that can be... Read More »

The Issues Facing Nintendo in the Smartphone Age

Amid a disappointing earnings report at the end of January and poor hardware sales over the holidays in the case of the Wii U, Nintendo is in trouble, in danger of being relevant to only its most hardcore fans and pre-teen Pokémon players. With the PS4/Xbox One launches and an earnings report just behind us,... Read More »

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