Léo Soesanto

Léo Soesanto

Léo Soesanto is a journalist and festival programmer. He writes on cinema for Les Inrockuptibles and is the editorial director of Soap, a new magazine on TV series. He is also the programming director of the International Independent Film Festival of Bordeaux since its inception in 2012 and programmer of the TV series section of the Rotterdam International Film Festival since 2016. From 2009 to 2015, he sat on the feature film selection committee of the Semaine de la Critique du Festival de Cannes. He is particularly interested in the convergence between TV series and cinema.

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African TV series in a global context

African TV series are coming into their own thanks to productions that reflect an increasing focus on professional quality, export potential, and unique regional features. We analysed the evolving production model through the lens of two series: the French-language That’s Life, and the English‑language Meet the Adebanjos. That’s Life: educational transmedia First broadcast in 2015,... Read More »

Shield Five: How Does One Design a Series for Instagram?

Can the popularity of social networks lead to a new way of imagining the concept of the webseries itself? For now, one must look toward Instagram and Shield Five, an episodic thriller specifically designed for the very small screen. Encounter with producer Anthony Wilcox and screenwriter Adam Dewar at the Série Séries Festival in Fontainebleau,... Read More »

The worldwide reach of Middle Eastern TV

Think that the US, Canada, Great Britain and Scandinavia are the only true hubs of TV production in the world with any significant cultural and economic impact? Think again. TV shows in the Middle East are also leaving their mark – for quite interesting reasons – even if they don’t get as much notice. Here’s... Read More »

Transparent, Girls, True Detective – The golden age of story

Panel at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival

During the latest edition of the Sundance Film Festival, the premier showcase for American and international independent films, on January 25, I attended the “Golden Age of Story” panel gathering the talented people behind today’s most highly acclaimed TV series: Jill Soloway, creator and director of Transparent (Amazon), brothers Mark and Jay Duplass, creators and... Read More »

2014 trends in European TV series

Want to know what made waves in the European TV series landscape this year? You’re in the right place! This trends review focuses on the new shows – the “season ones” – that outline the challenges and answer the questions about overseas production. US model in the spotlight It seems like the dream of European... Read More »

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