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Its aim is to foster debate and exchange of TV and entertainment industry knowledge, as shared both at MIP Markets and beyond, all year round.

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TV Content Trends: Canada vs. United States

Do Canadians and Americans love the same TV genres? Despite many similarities, TV producers and distributors must devise custom-made strategies for each country, according to Parrot Analytics data. By Kayla Hegedus (MIP Blog) A common perception outside of Canada is that our country is very similar to the United States, differentiated only by our love of hockey... Read More »

The Most Popular Television Subgenres for 2017 in the USA

From Apocalyptic dramas to Superhero series and Sci-Fi comedies... Parrot Analytics reveals the most-demanded television subgenres of last year. By Karina Dixon (MIP Blog) We’re used to looking at drama, factual or formats. But why not go a level deeper? Fantasy dramas, historical adventures and even sci-fi comedies (like Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, top... Read More »

Chat Fiction: A New Format for Creative Storytelling

How can content producers target Gen Z? By making shows like instant messaging conversations, says TBWA Zurich's Head of Content. Written by Sandra Lehner (MIP Blog) Gen Z (13- to 17-year-olds) is the most web-savvy, app-friendly generation. They favour immediate, personal platforms such as Snapchat and Whatsapp, rather than broadcasting their lives widely and publicly for all to... Read More »

TV: Insights on working with China

China’s potential as a creative powerhouse is well known, but how can western companies develop even better partnerships with Chinese TV companies? Gathered together at MIPTV, all3media, Da Neng Culture, Tencent Video and Media Caravan discussed co-productions and partnerships. Written by Stuart Dredge (MIP Blog) “There’s more and more interest in developing production projects with China,”... Read More »

Cracking TV Audience Trends

Here are tips and ideas on how TV content can reach wider audiences. They were shared by Sahar Baghery, head of global media research and content strategy for Eurodata TV Worldwide / Médiamétrie, and John Peek, director of Tape Consultancy, during the MIPTV conference titled One TV Year in the World: Cracking Audience Trends. Written... Read More »

Can eSports bring millennials back to TV?

With the pro-gaming sector posed to be worth $1.1 billion by 2019, eSports is an opportunity to reach a ‘lost’ audience, says beActive’s founder. Written by Nuno Bernardo (MIP Blog) ESports, or competitive professional video gaming, has surged in popularity in the past few years, inspired by images of Korean arenas packed with thousands of... Read More »

Adblockers: towards an Internet of the rich and an Internet of the poor?

Following in the footsteps of Adblock Plus Browser, adblocker software is expanding to mobile, representing a loss of income for press publishers and media, who will be forced to rely on subscriptions. Will this create a gap in the online media experience? Written by Clara Schmelck (Méta-Media) Loss of income for publishers Since the end... Read More »

Let’s enjoy Peak TV

While some might argue that the over abundance of television content impacts their discoverability by the audience others simply see it as a sign of our time. Written by Pierre Ziemniak (MIP Blog) When does too much become too much? This summer’s buzzword in the TV industry – Peak TV – reflects the current shape of... Read More »

Gen Z persists as HBO resists

Are teen-focused platforms like Snapchat, Twitch and Buzzfeed really disrupting major players like HBO? Not if they can help it, says MIPBlog editor James Martin. Written by James Martin (MIP Blog) Snapchat means business. The ephemeral photo and video messaging platform even abandoned its usual ‘who cares?’ approach to present its new “3V” video advertising offering... Read More »

Online TV: Is six minutes the new half hour?

How long should online content be? Red Bee Media’s executive creative director explains the emergence of a new trend: the six-minute sitcom. Written by Charlie Mawer (MIP Blog) For about five years, a myriad of conference speeches and blogs have been written about the growth of short-form content in this brave new world (as opposed... Read More »

Echoes from MIPJr: the next kids’ classics might be starting online

Will the next worldwide über-popular brand for children come from TV? Maybe not. With many new characters and worlds starting life as online videos, apps or games, digital is proving a fertile spawning ground for new popular IPs. Written by Stuart Dredge (MIP Blog) Last October 12 at MIPJunior, the Online Originals for the New... Read More »

Lessons from Minecraft - What TV can learn from the massively popular game

When it comes to kids games, Minecraft is currently my favourite IP. Considering its immense success, we might ask ourselves: “What does Minecraft do right that TV could learn from and leverage?” Written by Nick Dorra (MIP Blog) First of all, Minecraft is much more than just a game. You should think of it more as a... Read More »

The Entrepreneurial Approach to Transmedia Storytelling

There is nothing novel to the concept of transmedia production as both a creative template and business model. Cinema pioneers started experiencing with a cross-media approach to storytelling 100 years ago. But today’s audiences are in a position to choose the content they want when they want and on the device of their choice. In... Read More »

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