Oriane Hurard

Oriane Hurard

Oriane Hurard is delegate general at Transmedia Immersive University, a training and creation initiative developed around new writing strategies. She earned her Master de Production Audiovisuelle et Numérique de l’Ina SUP (Ina SUP master of audiovisual and digital production) in 2010 and has worked on a variety of transmedia projects, including Fanfan2, Quinze ans après (Happy Fannie and Orange). She often works on cultural projects providing specialized training in communications strategies.

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White Buffalo, Fried Chicken and RFID Chips: How Series Are Marketed at SXSW

To make their mark among an overabundance of television content, series resort to experiential and immersive marketing as was demonstrated during the 2017 South by Southwest festival. Of all things seen, heard and experienced at SXSW, one remarkable trend seems to be a return to ‘actual reality’ whereas virtual reality, represented during the last four... Read More »

WEI OR DIE: Behind the Scenes of an Interactive Drama

WEI OR DIE is an immersive drama and a real-time thriller set during a student orientation weekend (known as a “WEI” in France), where anything can, and eventually does, go wrong—as the shocking imagery shows. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at this boundary-pushing format distributed by France Télévisions Nouvelles Écritures. What is WEI OR DIE? Sex,... Read More »

Do Not Track and In Limbo Interactive: personalized web documentaries

Analysis of two web documentaries coproduced with France, Canada and Germany whose content adapts to reflect their audiences’ personal data. Do Not Track and In Limbo Interactive were both coproduced by ARTE and the NFB, and released at the beginning of the year. These two web documentaries take the medium to new levels of sophistication... Read More »

SXSW 2015: Does transmedia still have a promising future?

Transmedia was once again eclipsed by virtual reality and its helmets at the 2015 edition of the South by Southwest™ Interactive Festival, as shown by three conferences with key industry players. Once again this year, the South by Southwest™ Interactive Festival focused on the latest “VR” experiences—virtual reality launched with great fanfare last year with... Read More »

Cucumber Banana Tofu: A British Transmedia Recipe

Last January, a strange litany that one could easily mistake for a grocery list appeared on British television screens as well as Twitter. Had Channel 4 launched a new cooking show? In reality, Cucumber, Banana and Tofu are the names given to the new transmedia creation signed by Russel T. Davies, the creator of Queer... Read More »

Anarchy: An Ambitious Participatory Fiction With Mixed Results

France Télévisions’ New Writing team continues to explore transmedia fiction. After launching its linear webseries platform, Studio 4 (formerly Studio 4.0), just last fall, it orchestrated one of the most interesting participatory fiction projects since The Spiral in 2012. Using Alternate History and Real Time In October 2014, France was hit by an unprecedented economic... Read More »

Commemorating WWI Online: A Few Examples from France

(Re)promoting archives on the web In France, several initiatives are underway to mark the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Great War. Among televised documentaries and various commemorative ceremonies, digital media actors have seized the topic in the hope of giving a digital and possibly innovative vision to this commemoration on a global scale.... Read More »

Web series in France have strong ties to television

The fifth edition of the Séries Mania festival held in Paris in April welcomed web series with open arms, dedicating an entire competition to these little sisters of television productions. Presented on the Forum des Images movie screens, the selection of 12 productions from five different countries (including the Canadian Agent secret and Féminin/Féminin web series)... Read More »

Digital Storytelling at SXSW 2014: Less tech, more emotion

The interactive component of 2014’s South by Southwest (SXSW) festival featured a lot of conferences on transmedia and digital storytelling. The major trend that is emerging is that it’s time to put web creation back in touch with the human side. Simplicity: With the interface, the interaction offered to the user, even the end of... Read More »

PERSONAL CONVICTION – Case Study of a truly immersive transmedia experience

[Text in picture: PERSONAL CONVICTION - What if you held a man’s destiny in your hands? - Participate in the experience at intimeconviction.arte.tv] After Cinemacity and Type: Rider, ARTE is launching its latest bi-media project on February 10, this time entirely fiction... or almost: the project follows a police investigation on television, and recreates the... Read More »

Tour Paris 13, a transmedia experience based on street art

In October 2013, cultural media and street art lovers from all over the world had their eyes glued to a small apartment building in Paris’ 13th arrondissement which was slated for demolition. A neighbourhood gallery that specializes in street art managed to convince the arrondissement’s town hall, the building’s landlord and over one hundred artists... Read More »

TV series experiment beyond Facebook and Twitter

Translation: “When my friends don’t understand my decision to integrate the seminary“ Source: Ainsi soient-ils (Tumblr) Odysseus http://odysseus-arte.tumblr.com/ Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram have today invaded our lives as giants Facebook and Twitter did before them. TV producers and broadcasters were right on the money when they decided to adopt these “new networks” which are more... Read More »

Cinemacity – A mobile app to discover Paris through its movies

Source: Screenshot from http://cinemacity.arte.tv/ Cinemacity is the latest smart phone application from the team at ARTE Web in a coproduction with transmedia studio Small Bang. An initiative of Michel Reilhac (Director of ARTE Cinéma at the time and now an independent transmedia author), Cinemacity allows users to take a unique stroll through one city’s cinematographic heritage—Paris in this instance—in a... Read More »

Clue on the Second Screen: the “Les petits meurtres d’Agatha Christie” experience

In line with its ongoing strategy of bringing innovation to television on a regular basis, France Télévisions and its New Writing team launched an unprecedented interactive experience in April 2013. Viewers were able to take part in a live investigation during the broadcast of an episode of the Les petits meurtres d’Agathe Christie (“Little Murders... Read More »

Social TV – When Zombies Take Over Twitter

Last November’s first free-to-air broadcast of hit TV series “The Walking Dead” in France gave the Darewin ad agency and French digital cable (TNT) network channel NT1 the perfect opportunity to successfully combine two of today’s hottest trends: zombies and social TV. Though television has always been a “social” medium by nature, sparking discussions about... Read More »

Content Creation on YouTube – Original Channels Strategy Moves Forward

Organizers of the latest MIPTV event invited YouTube to present the new channels it has recently launched around the world. They took the opportunity to explain the group’s strategy when it comes to content creation. An overview of successful channels supported by YouTube “Our Original Online Content Screenings (presented by YouTube) are intended to show... Read More »

TYPE:RIDER Video Game, Documentary and Transmedia

ARTE France and its associated producers continue to explore web documentary, participatory fiction, online magazine and many other transmedia creative formats. Among these, Type:Rider is an outstanding example – both in its subject matter and its auteurist vision of video game design. Type:Rider is a multiplatform game whose name evokes its basic plan, a mix of mechanical writing... Read More »

Case Study - «Plus belle la vie» Transmedia

Last summer the people behind the hit French TV series Plus belle la vie (PBLV) didn’t waste any time diving into transmedia storytelling by developing an ambitious alternate-reality game (ARG) intended primarily for the show’s diehard fans. Plus belle la vie is the only daily drama series on French television to have known consistent success... Read More »

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