Samuel Bischoff

Samuel Bischoff

As a former member of the CMF industry and market trends team, Samuel Bischoff has a particular interest for new media trends and today's challenges for distributing and accessing content. 

He has worked in film distribution as well as the development of branded content and advertising in France and Quebec. Samuel holds two Masters’ degrees from the Sorbonne University: one in Law, Economy and Management of Audiovisual Content and the second in Film Studies.

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Speed Watching: An Analysis of Accelerated Consumption

Speed watching is testimony to how media consumption has mutated in this era of overabundant content. It is difficult to know exactly how widespread this practice is, but it is a reminder of viewers’ increasing empowerment over what they watch. When VCRs hit the market a quarter-century ago, the way content was viewed changed forever,... Read More »

The BitTorrent Model

Is 2015 a turning point for a new online distribution model the likes of what BitTorrent proposes? Ten years of expansion 2014 will be remembered for the consolidation of the major online video subscription platforms that have become credible alternatives to cable television and traditional film distribution venues. Indeed, these platforms are now officially recognized... Read More »

Online recommendation - A concern for public bodies?

The gradual delinearization of content broadcast across different screens has led to a surge in popularity for online recommendations, also known as content curation. This trend can be directly linked to television channels and content broadcasters hoping to retain their respective audiences. Today, recommendation tools and systems help content broadcasters to better understand their viewers... Read More »

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