Star Citizen case study: Rise of the dedicated platforms

Star Citizen marks an important step in the crowdfunding industry, because it extends a campaign well beyond its initial objective and incorporates major crowdfunding mechanisms into the creative dynamics of the project itself. This case study lifts the hood on the $22 million campaign (and counting!), tells us more about its successful mix and delivers some key learning on the crowdfunding industry current and upcoming trends.

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Castle Story case study: The importance of the community

Castle Story is the amazing journey by two young graduates who raised over $700,000 in a month to fund their game. Learn in this case study how François and Germain built and maintained a passionate community around their project and reached unanticipated success in their crowdfunding campaign.

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Best practices for video game campaigns

Six best practices for video game crowdfunding campaigns. Because apart from having a great product (which remains central!), some tactics can be put forward to help campaigns reach their goals in this specific situation.

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