Moon Hunters: when success rhymes with freedom

Moon Hunters, a role-playing video game (RPG) from Montreal studio Kitfox Games, will be coming out in 2016, yet it has already received considerable attention. The game’s creative director, Tanya Short, explains her approach to making this project.

In this fifth episode of Indie Games Level Up! Tanya Short from Kitfox Games explains how she views the state of the gaming industry and her approach to game making: “I think the games that we are seeing that are finding the most success are the ones that really involve the player most.”

At the end, she recommends some great resources for those that want to try their hand at making their own video games.

A new episode of Indie Games Level Up! will be posted here on Tuesday, August 11. Come back for more behind-the-scenes info on Canadian indie games or subscribe directly to the show’s YouTube channel or iTunes podcast.


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