Listen to Futur et médias, the Canada Media Fund’s new French-language podcast

It’s no news: a revolution is taking place in the media and entertainment industries. Don’t get left behind! 

Deepen your grasp of the significance of these changes by listening to the Canada Media Fund’s new French-language podcast series titled Futur et médias. Every two weeks, host Catherine Mathys sits down with leading experts for an in-depth exploration of topics including digital distribution, podcasting, the blockchain, out-of-home virtual reality, youth content and data. 

Futur et médias is a French-language podcast produced by the Canada Media Fund and hosted by the organization’s Industry and Market Trends director, Catherine Mathys. Transcripts of each of the season’s six episodes are made available to listeners in both French and English.

Haven’t heard our English podcasts yet? We also have a full six-episode series titled Now & Next that explores the exact same topics. Check it out here.

Listen to Futur et médias on:

Episode 1: How APTN broadens its horizons in the era of over-the-top television

What are the challenges facing the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network? What are the opportunities that APTN will seize to secure a bright future for itself? Executive Director of Programming and Scheduling, Monika Ille, shares her perspective on APTN’s future on the dawn of its 20th anniversary.

Episode 2: Will Groupe Média TFO’s blockchain prototype lead to a chain reaction?

Can audiovisual production in Canada – with numerous independent creators, funders, broadcasters, unions, rights-holders and tax credits – be blockchained? Groupe Média TFO’s Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Eric Minoli, and Digital Products Manager, Ulrich Dessouassi, share some insights.

Episode 3: What’s behind the widespread success of Distorsion?

In 2017, friends Émile Gauthier and Sébastien Lévesque launched a podcast that explores their shared passion for the web’s weirdest mysteries. Two years later, the show is listened to throughout the French-speaking world and has built a cult following. Distorsion‘s Sébastien Lévesque and Émile Gauthier share what other podcasters can learn from their success.