Listen to Futur et médias, the Canada Media Fund’s French-language podcast

February 26, 2019

Deepen your understanding of the changes at work in the media industry with the Canada Media Fund’s French-language podcast series titled Futur et médias. Every episode features a conversation between host Catherine Mathys and leading experts aimed at exploring the latest issues most relevant to our industries.

Futur et médias is a French-language podcast produced by the Canada Media Fund and hosted by the organization’s Industry and Market Trends director, Catherine Mathys. Transcripts of each of the season’s six episodes are made available to listeners in both French and English.

Haven’t heard our English podcasts yet? We also have a full six-episode series titled Now & Next that explores the exact same topics. Check it out here.

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Season 2

Episode 1: COVID-19: Pre-production, Tech Emerge as Solutions to Production Woes

Caps on crew sizes, restricted travels, shorter days, distancing ― COVID-19 health and safety guidelines for audiovisual productions are limiting, even frustrating. Could pre-production and tech help?


futur et médias saison 2 épisode 2 découvrabilité lacogency connections productions

Episode 2: COVID-19: A 2020 Vision of Discoverability

In this age of on-demand content, and at a time when media consumption is increasing rapidly, how can we make sure that Canadian audiovisual productions find their way onto screens ― here at home and around the world.


Episode 3: Does the COVID-19 Pandemic Signal Yet Another Rebirth for XR?

If out-of-home VR seemed to be the key to success for the industry, the COVID-19 pandemic basically locked the door and threw away the key. A catastrophe for the industry? Not quite.



Episode 4: What’s Up in the International TV Formats Market?

Leading TV format expert Arabelle Pouliot Di-Crescenzo  talks with Catherine Mathys about what goes into a good TV format, how the market is evolving, and where the opportunities are.


Episode 5: How Animation Studios Kept Production Level Healthy during the Lockdown

In this episode of Futur et médias, Squeeze Studio Animation CEO and Co-Founder Denis Doré and Guru Studio Vice President of Technology Jean-François Charbonneau discuss the personnel and technological challenges they faced in the migration to teleworking.


Episode 6: How to migrate an entire festival programming online in record time

In this episode of Futur et médias, Catherine Mathys talks with International Festival of Films on Art Executive and Artistic Director Philippe del Drago about why he made the quick decision to go online and how in the heck did he get it all done in record time.


Season 1

Episode 1: How APTN Broadens Its Horizons in the Era of Over-the-Top Television

What are the challenges facing the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network? What are the opportunities that APTN will seize to secure a bright future for itself?



Episode 2: Will Groupe Média TFO’s Blockchain Prototype Lead to a Chain Reaction?

Can audiovisual production in Canada – with numerous independent creators, funders, broadcasters, unions, rights-holders and tax credits – be blockchained?



Episode 3: What’s behind the Widespread Success of Distorsion?

Distorsion‘s Sébastien Lévesque and Émile Gauthier share what other podcasters can learn from their success.




Special Episode: CMF Trends at SXSW

What are Canadian businesses from the entertainment and audiovisual production sectors seeking at SXSW? We sent our own Director of Industry and Market Trends, Catherine Mathys, down to Austin—mic in hand—to find out.



Episode 4: Ubisoft and the Location-Based VR Revolution

A new use case for virtual reality is gaining momentum: location-based virtual reality experiences. Could VR bring arcade rooms back?



Futur et médias balado épisode 5: Wookey Films et le contenu jeunesse francophone hors QuébecEpisode 5: Wookey Films on Francophone Youth TV outside Québec

What happens when two acclaimed documentarians leave the comfort of their normal framework and think up a youth TV series that dives into the lives of Manitoba’s francophone teens?



Episode 6: MUBI: Films First, Data Second

While many OTT services use big data to personalize their platforms to each user’s preferences, other models are thriving. MUBI Director of International Programming, Anaïs Lebrun, shares her thoughts on the subject with Catherine Mathys.