Now & Next: The Canada Media Fund’s Podcast Series

October 5, 2020

Every second Tuesday, tune in for Now & Next, a podcast series featuring in depth interviews with experts for a closer look at emerging trends and the digital transformation of the media & entertainment industry. Now & Next is produced by the Canada Media Fund and is hosted by Leora Kornfeld.

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Season 3

COVID-19_Production_Safety_Now and Next_PodcastE1 – Practicing ‘Safe Sets’ In the Covid-19 Era

In this first episode of a brand new season of Now & Next, Alex Kolodkin the founder of Safe Sets International joins Leora Kornfeld to discuss ways to make production as safe as possible while still in  the middle of a pandemic.


diversity_production_actors_now & next

E2 – The Time Is Now: Achieving On-Screen Racial Diversity

On this episode of Now & Next host Leora Kornfeld is joined by award-winning actor and founder of Reelworld Film Festival Tonya Williams to chat about concrete ways to achieve meaningful and long-lasting racial representation in front and behind the camera.


E3 – Virtual Production Techniques for Film & TV: Sky Is the Limit

Host Leora Kornfeld sits down with Alberta-based producer Andrew Scholotiuk and director Dylan Pearce to discuss virtual production. The pair has been working on the merging of the physical and digital worlds for years and share their advice and experience.


E4 – Staying Eco-conscious on Set during Covid-19

A green Covid recovery for the production industry is both sustainable and profitable, according to Vancouver-based environment specialist and producer Clara George, our guest on this episode of the podcast.


E5 – How the Game Industry is Staying Relevant during the Pandemic

On this episode of Now & Next, we hear from several leaders in the gaming industry who discuss the challenges and opportunities that come with working in a socially distanced world.


E6 – Making Movies Social Again

On this episode of Now & Next, host Leora Kornfeld speaks to Hilary Henegar and Fiona Rayher, two women who are making it possible again to watch a movie with other people and have a discussion afterwards, just like old times but… virtually.


E7 – Breaking On-Screen Stereotypes from the Inside Out

On this episode of Now and Next, we meet Jacob Pratt, an Indigenous film producer from Saskatchewan, now based in Los Angeles, who thinks the best way to fight stereotypes perpetuated by the media, is to use the same medium to break them.


E8 – When going to work means never leaving home

On this episode of Now & Next, host Leora Kornfeld chats with Marie Claire LeBlanc Flanagan and Jim Munroe, who have been tasked with finding out exactly how that transition has been like for those working in the game industry.



Season 2

E1 – Jack Zhang Is Paving the Way for Filmmaking’s AI-Driven Future

Are we entering an era of the film industry where artificial intelligence will revolutionize how writers, directors, producers, distributors and funders work? This Ontario-based entrepreneur not only thinks so—he’s leading the way there.


E2 – For Pro Gamer Stephanie Harvey, Esports Are “the New Rock’n’Roll”

AKA missharvey, five-time Counter-Strike World Champ Stephanie Harvey joins Leora Kornfeld in the studio for a chat about the booming eSports industry and Canada’s place within it.


Now & Next Episode 3 Alanis ObomsawinE3 – Tech Matters, but Voice Prevails: Acclaimed Filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin

Documentary filmmaker and all-around accomplished artist Alanis Obomsawin joins Leora Kornfeld in the studio to discuss how she works, making documentaries today, and what keeps her optimistic.


Now & Next Podcast S2E3 – Hot Pod's Nicholas Quah on the Flourishing Podcast Industry

E4 – Where Is Podcasting Headed after a Phenomenal 2019?

Hot Pod’s Nicholas Quah sits down with Leora Kornfeld for an insightful chat about the trends redefining the podcast industry and what to keep tabs on in 2020.


E5 – Audiovisual Production Goes Greener

Green Spark Group founder and president Zena Harris joins Leora Kornfeld to share some best practices when it comes to greening productions of all shapes and sizes.


E6 – The Battle for Attention: How Viacom Uses Short-Form Video

Brendan Yam, who serves as Viacom Digital Studios International’s senior vice president and general manager, joins Leora Kornfeld to discuss short-form video content and the instrumental part it plays in the media giant’s strategy.


Season 1

E1 – Inside YouTube: Beyond Dogs on Skateboards and Viral Videos

What are the business opportunities YouTube has to offer producers and talent? In this episode, Mark Swierszcz, the YouTube Space Toronto’s head of operations, provides a closer look at the platform’s roadmap for creators.


E2 – Pacific Content on the Audio Renaissance

What’s fuelling the podcast boom? In this episode, we take a closer look behind the scenes of this audio renaissance with Steve Pratt and Dan Misener of the BC-based podcasting company Pacific Content.


E3 – Leveraging a billion data points a day

Why are some of the biggest TV networks now paying attention to the online written word? It’s because of Wattpad, an online platform with 65 million users worldwide, reading 500 million+ stories each month, written by 4 million+ writers.


E4 – Cryptokitties: The cats that broke part of the blockchain

What do digital cats have to do with blockchain? A lot, thanks to the game CryptoKitties. In less than a year it’s become one of the world’s most successful blockchain applications, with over $40 million in transactions. Yes, of cats that live on screens.


E5 – Behind Sinking Ship’s Success: Taking Risks in Kids’ TV

How can producers of kids’ content differentiate themselves in a newly global and competitive marketplace? For JJ Johnson of Sinking Ship Entertainment, the production company behind some of the most popular kids’ shows on streaming and broadcast channels, it’s                                   all about doing what others are not.


E6 – VR and AR: Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You

We’ve been hearing about VR & AR for years, but we’re still a ways from mass adoption. Is blending the technologies into physical environments the missing piece? Industry analyst Alexis Macklin makes the case for location-based entertainment in this episode.


Bonus episode: CMF Trends at SXSW

What are Canadian businesses from the entertainment and audiovisual production sectors seeking at SXSW? We sent our own Director of Industry and Market Trends, Catherine Mathys, down to Austin—mic in hand—to find out.