Adjust Your Thinking – The New Realities of Competing in the Global Media Market

The media landscape, once bounded by geography and over-the-air, cable or satellite transmission, has been greatly expanded by the arrival of the internet and mobile technologies and devices. In Canada and everywhere else in the world, this in turn has led to a variety of new operating environments and new business models for producers, distributors, creators and aggregators.

Based on interviews with industry actors in Canada and elsewhere on the planet, this report examined the global media market and analyzes key themes for Canadian producers, namely:

  • New opportunities up for grabs in a world that is no longer limited by countries’ broadcasting schedules and territorial borders;
  • The opening up of the henceforth global media market;
  • The hundreds of millions of new mobile users in emerging markets;
  • The characteristics and trends in the subscription-based video-on-demand and over-the-top markets.

This report is intended as a follow-up to the series of “Your Market Is Everywhere” fact sheets published by the Canada Media Fund in the fall of 2017. This series examines different export markets from a geographical perspective, on a country-by-country basis, to identify opportunities for Canadian creators interested in penetrating new markets.

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