Keytrends Report 2013 - Are we ready for Generation S?

The Keytrends Report 2013 - Are we ready for Generation S draws a portrait of the macro trends that are shaping today’s screen-based industries and analyses their potential impact on the Canadian TV and digital media industry. This report is produced by the Canada Media Fund.

6 key trends are outlined in this document:

  • Always on: As we enter the age of constant connectivity, making content available on all platforms remains a priority (i.e. hyperdistribution).
  • Screen Convergence: How audiences now consume and engage with content requires that stakeholders rethink their content design and distribution strategies.
  • Transmedia Storytelling: How TV remains strong in terms of audiovisual consumption and how it is well poised to influence other media by cross-sector collaborations.
  • The power of many: The audience as active participant in financing, production and distribution of content projects.
  • Monetization: Digital revenue generation is reaching viability through a growing apps economy and new Internet players are investing more and more money in original digital content.
  • The Big & the Agile: The polarization of the content and funding ecosystems between giant TV and Internet players and smaller, innovative niche start-ups is creating a new ecosystem.

Concise, with a focus on numbers and visualizations, the report provides readers with tools to understand the challenges and opportunities the trends present and to position themselves accordingly.

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