Keytrends Report 2014 - Towards Increased Accessibility

The Keytrends Report 2014 focuses on key transformational trends and market developments that are shaping, and will continue to shape, the content production and distribution industry over the coming years. The document also sheds light on how certain phenomena are evolving and analyzing the impacts of these changes on the television and digital media sectors. This document follows the Keytrends Report 2013 as well as its mid-year update.

Six key themes are outlined in this document:

  1. Upgradable devices and personalisation are keys to greater consumer access;
  2. The industry is undergoing a consumer-driven transition, revising rights management regimes due to content piracy;
  3. There is an undisputable appetite for TV-like content;
  4. Value is now generated by the relationship between audience and content;
  5. Social TV opening the doors to monetization;
  6. Accessing and harnessing users’ data is likely to become the most important competitive advantage in the media market.

This edition features an improved format, introducing a dashboard which provides highlights on a series of key indicators that serve to illustrate how the television and digital media content industries are evolving.

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