Research Reports

This section offers free access to dozens of research reports packed with analyses, data, tools and case studies that provide an overview of the challenges and opportunities for Canadian producers and creators.

Women in View on Screen

Women in View offers insight on employment of women in feature-length films and live action television series in Canada.

Philanthropic Funding for Documentaries in Canada

A look at strategic partnerships between the philanthropic and Canadian documentary sectors.

Trends Report – 2015 Mid-Year Update

Could 2015-2016 also be the “Year of SVOD” in Canada thanks to the arrival of Shomi and CraveTV, and with one third (33%) of the country already signed up for Netflix?

International Digital Media Co-Productions, Phase II – Asia and Latin America

This report presents experiences and practical information from Canadian digital media companies that have executed deals in China, India, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia.

The Digital-Only Media Consumer

Based on informal group conversations with 16 to 34 year-olds, the study provides a snapshot of their daily media consumption and preliminary answers to why they regard digital content as the norm.

Initiating multiplatform program development for France/Canada co-­productions

Summary of the discussions and testimonials collected during the first edition of Emergence Lab, a Franco-Canadian laboratory dedicated to emerging and innovative forms of storytelling for new platforms.

Content Everywhere 2: Securing Canada’s Place in the Digital Future

This report identifies opportunities for Canadian content producers that have emerged in the original digital content space.

Trends Report 2015 – The Big Blur Challenge

As digital life online continues to spread globally, the US market reached a tipping point this year: there are now more subscribers to the internet than to cable TV. It seems that a new balance is in the works.

Monetizing Digital Media: Trends, Key Insights and Strategies that Work

This study of interactive digital media looks at monetization trends, as well as at strategies and success stories in Canada and elsewhere.

Understanding Funders

Funding approaches, challenges & adaptation strategies to help funders cope in a changing media environment.

How Canadians select audiovisual content

This study explores how Canadians select the TV series and films they watch.

International Digital Media Co-Production Guide for Canadian Companies

This guide was created to help local interactive digital media and cross-platform producers gain a better understanding of international digital media co-production. It focuses on France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

The State of the Canadian Program Rights Market 2014

This report provides an update on the state of the Canadian program rights market from previous studies on point.

Learning from Documentary Audiences: A Market Research Study

Study on the viewing habits of documentary audiences.

Trends Report – 2014 Mid-Year Update

Technology continues to shift towards robust content delivery systems, higher quality screens and an ever increasing number of internet-enabled devices available in households.