Research Reports

This section offers free access to dozens of research reports packed with analyses, data, tools and case studies that provide an overview of the challenges and opportunities for Canadian producers and creators.

Animation Summit 2013: Final Report for a Thriving Industry

The report summarizes the consultation process and includes the main topics discussed at the Animation Summit.

Trends Report – 2013 Mid-Year Update

This mid-year report presents six talked-about phenomena or recent market developments that may accelerate or potentially shift the macro trends presented in the first report.

Trends Report 2018 – Are we ready for Generation S?

This report draws a portrait of the macro trends that are shaping today’s screen-based industries and analyses their potential impact on the Canadian TV and digital media industry. 

The Second Screen and Television – Production and Deployment

This report focuses on the development and deployment of second screen and social TV strategies and tactics.

Audience Engagement Report

A look at how the first cohort of IdeaBOOST accelerator participants made use of audience engagement methods as they progressed through the program, which methods they used and with what results.

Getting Real

Economic overview and a comprehensive review of the issues and major environmental factors affecting the Canadian documentary industry.

The Aboriginal-Screen-Based Production Sector in Review: Trends, Success Stories and the...

The state of Aboriginal television, interactive and feature film production in Canada and measured production activity over the five-year period 2007-2008 to 2011-2012.

The Second Screen and Television – Benefits & Impacts

The white paper aims to explore the rising habit of using a connected second screen while watching TV.

Are the Kids All Right?

A study focusing on the TV-viewing habits of families with at least one child between the ages of nine and 12.

The Second Screen and Television – Overview and Growth Perspectives

A look at new TV consumer practices along with the new avenues such changes open to in terms of creating convergent content.

Transmedia Multiplatform and Convergent (TMC) Resource Kit

Online resource for creators and producers of digital media content.

Profile 2011

Analysis of economic activity in Canada’s screen-based production industry during the period, April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011.

The ABC’s of Connected TV

This report bridges basic knowledge, current industrial stakes, the latest business models as well as upcoming trends in the Connected Platforms industry worldwide.

New Directions for the Financing of Interactive Digital Media in Canada

Review of Canadian and international littérature on the financing challenges facing interactive digital media companies.

Content Everywhere: Mapping the Digital Future for the Canadian Production Industry

A look at how the “videofication” of the Internet is generating increased demand for professionally produced original content that is specifically made for an online audience, while at the same time challenging the business models of the traditional television industry.