Launched by CFC Media Lab and OMERS Ventures in collaboration with Nordicity, Pulse on VR: A Living Ecosystem presents an ongoing snapshot of Canada’s virtual reality (VR) ecosystem as it evolves. The new website,, will present quarterly data drawn from a survey of the Canadian VR ecosystem: its workflows, tools, challenges, and opportunities.

This living study encourages both first-time and repeat participants to share their data so that it may articulate how VR experiences are being created and distributed, track which technologies are most prevalent among companies, determine the market potential for VR, and grasp the real-time transformation of a dynamic medium. The survey seeks to collect information from startups and established companies alike in jurisdictions across Canada—specifically Ontario, Québec, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia—with additional insights gathered from California. It will benefit VR companies, funders, investors and content creators seeking insight into the respective roles they play in this evolving landscape.

Pulse on VR: A Living Ecosystem is supported by the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC), the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario, On-Screen Manitoba (OSM), New Media Manitoba (NMM), Creative BC, the Canada Media Fund (CMF-FMC), Telefilm, SODEC and Super Ventures.

To find out more, read our blog post consult the online version of Pulse on VR: A Living Ecosystem:

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