Resources to improve workplace inclusion and diversity

As we concluded in our 2017 Trends Report, diversity, in all its forms, is a winning business model. “Focusing on cultural diversity and gender equality means reaching a wider audience, promoting the development of technologies for all, and, ultimately, generating greater profits.”

To help you introduce the best practices for inclusion and diversity in your business, here is a list of regional, national and international resources that provide support, training, resources and/or tools.

This list builds on the resources provided in the excellent Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit for the Interactive Digital Media Industry published by Interactive Ontario, with the financial support of the Ontario Media Development Corporation, the Canada Media Fund, Ubisoft and Humber College.

Please help us keep this list comprehensive and current by submitting suggested changes and additions directly in this document. Note, however, that the official list is the one posted here on CMF Trends.

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