Strengthening the Business: Capitalizing Canada’s Content Business

This study offers insight to traditional content entrepreneurs on how to attract increased investor activity by learning the basic rules of the road and reassessing the management tools used by their companies.

Based on comparative analysis of the current investment climate for media deals in the U.S. and Canada, the study provides a unique perspective of Canadian challenges in the global marketplace.

The findings reveal that VC investment is more limited in Canada than the U.S. because investors are largely interested in technology-based media opportunities, even if they are content players. Canadian content creators do not have the same access to venture capital (VC) financing as their U.S. counterparts, and must think strategically about partnerships, acquisitions and mergers to grow their businesses.

The report also offers best practices from dozens of production companies and financiers to provide guidance and offer potential solutions for small and medium-sized companies to grow their business.

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