Trends Report: 2016 Mid-Year Update

Our last Trends report followed a clear guideline: the content industry is approaching a new phase of its history and we are Entering the Age of Experience. We noted that, although the industry had not yet reached a level of maturity or stability, it increasingly understood and mastered digital culture and its technology tools, with various levels of success.

In this new era, users increasingly expect that content will allow them to live an instant and fluid experience on an infallibly hyperconnective network. Daily objects connect to the network of networks, we watch videos on devices that accompany us everywhere we go, new virtual universes are transforming how storytelling unfolds on the screen, the gap is widening between the generations that were born before or after the arrival of new communication technologies, business models break down and open up on previously unheard of possibilities and web giants begin to covet niche markets.

We observe that this line has been maintained into the second half of 2016. When they focus on providing users with experiences of greater richness, technological advances can for example contribute to meeting the higher-than-ever expectations of consumers with an insatiable appetite for content while generating innovative business models.

In this update to Entering the Age of Experience, we focus on the following trends:

  • Bots as new conversational interfaces that facilitate content discovery and access;
  • The growing thirst for online video that places increasing pressure on the telecommunications industry as well as on internet service providers;
  • The route from virtual reality’s market launch to mass adoption;
  • The relationship between content and media consumption among younger generations;
  • New digital distribution revenue models that allow prices to adjust to supply and demand;
  • Government responses to the growing influence of media giants.

To learn more on this report, read Catalina Briceño’s blog post.

This is the eighth Trends report published by CMF Trends since 2013. As was the case of previous reports, it is divided into six chapters that correspond to six strategic trends, i.e., six indicators of the transformation and evolution of the television and digital media markets.

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