Trends Report: 2017 Mid-Year Update

In its 2017 trends report published last February, the Canada Media Fund investigated the opportunities that lie ahead to create value in the wake of the restructuring of the global audiovisual industry.

One thing is clear from the entire report: there can no longer be any doubt that a handful of giants dominate the globalized environment. Large corporations like Google, Facebook and Amazon control at once the technological infrastructure, user attention and content discoverability. These major players possess enormous material and financial resources to compete against the traditional media players.

Does that mean that the game is over? Is there nothing left to do other than obey the rules dictated by these major players? This update explores both the undeniable advantages that come with collaborating with these platforms and the means for exploring niches and reaching audiences without them.

The report does provide some good news:

  • It may prove to be affordable to reach audiences that have been ‘filtered’ and targeted by algorithms. That first pool of ‘converts’ can then facilitate the marketing of content to other audiences.
  • Users are increasingly inclined to pay for the cultural and entertainment content that they consume online.
  • Despite the impressive number of users on the dominant platforms, large swathes of the population remain to this day poorly served by these major players which offer too little diversity.
  • On a global scale, there will be great potential in the French-language market over the coming years, and it’s a potential that is worth exploring.
  • Creativity and talent rather than technology remain the assets that are most sought out and the most susceptible of creating long-term value. In this regard, Canada is very rich in both creative and technological talent.

This edition is the tenth Trends Report published by CMF Trends since 2013. Previous editions are available here.

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