With a media and entertainment industry that accounts for approximately 10% of the global market, China is increasingly becoming a key territory for audiovisual content producers. As part of a series aimed at identifying opportunities and demonstrating the advantages of entering international markets, this report focuses on the Chinese market.

The document presents information on China’s booming virtual reality market, the population’s media consumption habits, the country’s main broadcasters and regulatory environment, its trade agreements with Canada, its industry’s main associations and initiatives as well as the country’s major trade markets and events.

A few highlights:

► China boasts the largest pay TV market on the planet, catering to 324 million subscribers;

► In 2016, China’s documentary market was valued at US$775 million;

► There are 1.4 billion cellular phones in the country;

► China counts close to 560 million gamers;

► The country’s virtual reality market is occupied by hundreds of affordable VR headset and mobile device manufacturers.